Foods That Seniors Should Make Sure To Avoid

Updated on August 1, 2022
Foods That Seniors Should Make Sure To Avoid

Food is the backbone of life, and eating may seem relatively static—you may think the way you eat won’t change much as you get older. However, as you reach senior status and your slower metabolism catches up with you, you should reevaluate your food choices. Read on to learn some of the foods you should avoid as a senior.


This food may seem like a weird addition to the list, but it has some unique properties that can hurt people who are later in their years. Grapefruits have a unique chemical composition, and they’re highly acidic. Because of this, they can interfere with certain medications—such as anxiety, insomnia, or high blood pressure medication—potentially intensifying them and making them dangerous. Always consult your doctor, but if you’re unsure whether something is safe, consider avoiding it.


Caffeine comes in many forms, including coffee, tea, and chocolate. All of these are delicious, but you might want to cut down on or eliminate your caffeine intake. Cutting out caffeine has numerous health benefits, such as better sleep, less anxiety, better absorption of nutrients, and improved collagen formation. Caffeine is also a substance that can trigger incontinence in sensitive individuals, so even if you think you need it daily, consider lowering your regular intake. It may be hard at first, since many people grow dependent on the substance, but once it’s entirely out of your system, you’ll feel much better.

Salty Foods

Salt is delicious, but as you age, it becomes more dangerous. Your taste buds die off the older you get; to compensate, you may need to add more herbs and spices. It’s a sound strategy, but too much salt significantly contributes to hypertension in seniors. Sodium-rich foods in general are becoming more prevalent, and you’ll need to go out of your way to avoid them, but your body will thank you.

If you avoid these different foods as a senior, your quality of life will surely improve. Getting older comes with many new decisions to make, and while not changing anything may be the easiest course, being proactive about your health and lifestyle will make your life that much easier.