Following The Spiritual Path to Health  and Fitness

Updated on November 4, 2023

There is an amassed store of useful information on food reform, exercise, positive thinking and mental conditioning to help us feel good and stay active. It is my opinion there has not been enough said on the subject of spiritual awarenessas it relates to health and aging. I believe it is of utmost importance.

It isimportant for the following reasons. First, you should realize, or at least consider, that your body is not who you are. You are a spirit embodied in human form. Your spirit is temporarily encased in a body for the purpose of learning love and achieving your soul’s mission. That mission is to graduate to higher levels of Devine being. In essence, you are on Earth to  serve others and learn the true meaning of uncoditional love … the ultimate and only reality.

Perhaps you have not given this demension of your life a great deal of thought. With all the problems associated with living, maybe this seems abstruse, beyond one’s focus of attention: Meant only for members of the cloth or regilious scholars. I am Christian but I don’t follow any organized sect of Christianity. My parents weren’t church goers and no discussion of religion or God was ever brought up. However, after living for 88 years I am convinced of the Devine nature of our existence. I believe that we all have spiritual guides that are with us throughout our lifetime. They are eager to work with us though difficult times. All we have to do is believe and acknowledge them. Call on them. Sometimes they will be there for you, without asking when you are in dire need.

I’ve had numerous esxperiences where my Guide intervened in my behalf – in physical form. I’ll detail one such time. I was going home after watching a New York Mets baseball game in Queens, New York. I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the mile-long Whitestone bridge when my car stalled. I was stuck and there was no room to pull over to let other cars pass. A man got out of the car which was directly behind me. He opened the hood to my car and told me my radiator hose burst. I lost much of my radiator fluid, causing my engine to1 overheat and stall out the engine. He went back to his car, came back with some tools and replaced the hose. He then went back to his car and brought back a gallon of radiator fluid and replaced the what I lost.

Think of it. What are the chances of someone stuck behind my disabled car in a massive traffic jam and having the tools and substance needed to repair my car? Maybe one in a thousand – or more? No, it wasn’t pure luck. It was an Angel. I asked him his name, he simply replied, Esposito. I offered to pay him. He refused and said his only personal request was  to help someone in need whenever I could.

What does all this have to do with health and fitness as we age? It’s consciousness. Our mind, body and spirit are inextricably connected. We have within these three life forces, the power to stay healthy and fit. If we truly believe in our Devine purpose for being, we will be able to conquer any foreign invaders that attack our bodily functions. Belief and prayer can give rise to miracles. It has been documented in medical journals. Doctors have witnessed cancer cells sudenly disappear without out treatment. They can’t explain how or why.

People who die suddenly have appeared in ghostly form at the bedside of a loved one to reassure  them they are  O.K. Our consciouness are interconnected, either dead or alive. Communication doesn’t have to be physical. Most communications are non-verbal. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish whether a thought is our own or coming from a universal source.

Life is eternal, with no beginning and no end. We are alive in spirit before we are born and after we die. Our bodies are a vehicle used for learning love and evolving toward our soul’s ultimate purpose – to become co-creators with God. Our bodies are a Devine gift to serve this purpose. Therefore, it is so important to take care and cherish the opportunity to serve our Lord by adopting a lifestyle that helps ensure our life’s mission is completed.

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