Five Tips for Boosting Your Immune System This Flu Season

Updated on November 7, 2016

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that as many as one in five Americans fall victim to the flu each year, while the number of colds suffered in the U.S. could be greater than a billion. With that, keeping your body healthy and immune system strong is imperative, especially for older adults, who are more susceptible to disease.  

Dr. Kerri Miller, founder and CEO of Make People Better, LLC, and creator of re:iimmune, has compiled her five top tips for boosting your immune system this flu season: 

Stay hydrated: This is one of the most important steps to take in preventing and relieving cold and flu symptoms. Hydration is a key component to your body’s ability to create healthy cells and a strong immune system. Often times, when you’re experiencing cold and flu symptoms, drinking fluids is easier said than done, and your hydration levels drop as a result. Ultimately, you want to flush all that nastiness out of your system!

Get plenty of sleep: Your body can cope without food for about a month, without water for up to a week, but sleep? Your body will start shutting down after 48 hours of sleep deprivation. Sleep benefits every aspect of our health, both physically and emotionally, from your heart health, mental stability, and weight control. So go ahead, hit that snooze button one more time, skip that last episode on Netflix, and hit the sack an extra hour early – your body will thank you!

Food is medicine: Our brains react to food with the same addictive stimulation as it would with any other drug. It doesn’t help that portions are larger than ever, and that processed, feel good treats are more accessible than they have ever been. Our mantra? Keep it simple. Say no to carb-heavy, processed foods that will drain your energy and leave you feeling lethargic. Say yes to whole fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, and most importantly, enjoy the food you eat!

Fit in exercise: Get moving! Culturally we tend to complicate this concept, but the simple truth is this: move more. That’s it! It doesn’t take expensive gym memberships, hours of intense weight lifting, or fancy gadgets to exercise. Find what works best for you, your budget, and your lifestyle. It gets your blood flowing while simultaneously moving toxins out of your body, and pumping endorphins back through your system. Maybe you’d be more comfortable walking, bicycling through nature, tuning into your favorite in-home workout routine, or joining a yoga studio. However you choose to make exercise your own, own it! The benefits to your health are endless.

Understand gut health: Gut health has been linked to everything from depression and anxiety, to skin disorders and severe diseases. We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat!” – now we’re taking this concept to a cellular level by adding a hydrobiotic. A hydrobiotic is a combination of Clinical Strength Hydration® and intestinal immune support from a multi strain pre and probiotic blend containing a special combination of 14 different probiotics and one prebiotic (the food probiotics require in order to flourish). When you look at the various keys to recovery, you’ll see intestinal health is high on the list. 

Kerri Miller, DNP, is founder and CEO of Make People Better, LLC, and creator of re:iimmune, a hydrobiotic recovery formula designed to provide clinical strength hydration and intestinal immune support following illness and hospitalization.

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