Fighting Joint Pain Without a Prescription

Updated on May 30, 2018

SU Design 1526289356Whether you are experiencing joint pain as a result arthritis, lupus, gout, or an injury, there’s no doubt that you are looking for a way to get fast and effective relief. While prescription pain medications can help to ease your discomfort, there are certain risks associated with taking them. Acetaminophen – an ingredient commonly used in many prescription painkillers – can cause severe liver damage, and oxycodone  – another type of prescription pain medication – can be highly addictive.

So, how can you combat your joint pain without having to deal with the damaging side effects that prescription medications can cause? Here’s a look at some natural solutions that have been proven to be highly effective for treating joint pain – and the best part is that they don’t cause any adverse effects!

Soak in Epsom Salt

When your joint pain starts setting in, fill up your tub with warm water and plenty of Epsom salt. The warm water itself will soothe your joints, but the Epsom salt is what really works wonders.

Epsom salts are high in sulfates and magnesium, both of which help to reduce inflammation, ease muscle spasms that can aggravate joint pain, and cause tension. Plus, Epsom salt is absorbed quickly through the skin, so it provides rapid relief. To make an Epsom salt bath, pour two cups of the salt into your bathwater and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. If taking a bath isn’t an option, make a compress with it and apply it directly to the affected area.


Exercising might seem counterproductive when your joints are aching, but it can actually do wonders for combating joint pain. A lack of exercise leads to stiff joints and muscles, which can make your pain worse. Plus, when you exercise, you joints become stronger, which can help you deal with the pain more effectively.

You don’t have to go full-force with the exercise; light aerobic exercises should do the trick. Try using an elliptical or a treadmill, go for brisk walks, swim, or take up yoga. All of these exercises can help to ease your joint pain.

Take a Circulation Supplement

Poor circulation can wreak havoc on your joints and lead to serious pain. A circulation supplement can improve your circulation and enhance your blood flow, which can help to reduce the inflammation that leads to joint pain. Plus, it will support your cardiovascular health, which will enhance your overall health and well being.

Shed Weight

If you’re carrying excess weight, your joints are going to experience unnecessary strain, which can lead to significant pain. If you are suffering from arthritis, those extra pounds can accelerate the degeneration of your joints, further compounding the problem.

If you’re overweight and you suffer from joint pain, try shedding a few pounds. You’ll lighten the load your joints will have to bear, which can help to reduce the pain you are experiencing.

Apply Heat and Ice

If you need immediate joint pain relief, one of the most effective ways to manage the pain is by applying hot and cold to the affected area. Apply a hot gel pack to the area where you are experiencing pain for 20 minutes. Remove the hot pack and replace it with a cold pack, also for 20 minutes. To protect your skin, wrap the packs in a cloth. And, if possible, keep the affected area elevated throughout the process. Doing so will help to reduce any fluid retention that is contributing to your pain.

Essential Oil Massage

Massage the painful joint(s) with either peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils. These oils possess anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce any inflammation and swelling that is contributing to the pain. Plus, massages help to reduce fluid retention, which can also help to ease the pain.


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