Features That Will Make Your Backyard More Secure

Updated on March 19, 2021
Features That Will Make Your Backyard More Secure

Having confidence that a home has defenses against intruders is crucial for everyone, but especially for seniors, because criminals may believe that older individuals are easier targets for burglary. Since the backyard is one of the avenues that someone might use to enter your home unlawfully, you should do what you can to make it harder for them to access. Add these features that will make your backyard more secure to block out crooks.

Use a Security System

A security system can include a collection of features that will make life harder for thieves who attempt to break into your house. You can get one with an alarm that sounds audibly and that notifies local authorities when it goes off. This can simultaneously frighten a criminal and ensure that help arrives promptly. You could also utilize cameras in your security system to give you a clear view of your backyard at all times.

Landscape Shrewdly

When you think of landscaping, you may only consider how it can enhance the attractiveness of your property. In reality, shrewd landscaping can also act as a feature that makes your backyard more secure. Just what makes a landscape design helpful for safety, though? A good place to start is with trees and bushes. You should prune them well so that burglars can’t hide behind them. You could also have plants around the perimeters of your yard that have thorns. Bushes around your house’s walls can block someone from easily setting a ladder to climb into windows as well.

Build a Strong Fence

A strong fence that a criminal can’t climb easily can keep unwanted visitors from entering your backyard all together. While wood is a traditional choice, metal fences with pointy tops and smooth, tall plastic lumber fences are superior for security. The former will be hard to get over and the latter will provide no grips for a person to hold onto to scale its surface. Metal can have special coatings that will keep it from rusting over time. This will help it stay durable for years to come. Similarly, plastic lumber is better than wood for safety purposes because it’s sturdier and won’t weaken as it’s exposed to water and sunlight. Even preserved wood will eventually succumb to the elements after a while.

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