Fashion Tips for Stylish Seniors

Updated on November 19, 2020
Fashion Tips for Stylish Seniors

It’s hard to get dressed up when there’s nowhere to go, and for months and months, there’s been nowhere to go. We’re interacting with fewer people, and it may seem silly to think about what we’re wearing. But maybe you’ll be inspired by one of these fashion tips for stylish seniors to add on a silk scarf today, even if it’s just for a video call, or to feel like yourself again. It’s one way we can express our true selves, and it’s time to speak up.

Take An Interest in Trends

You may not know why young girls think leggings should be worn as pants, or why Harry Styles is wearing pearls, so go ahead and ask questions. Try to reserve judgment, and just listen. Start a conversation, and you can learn what clothes are saying about the world today, and even more about your loved ones. Maybe you’ll want to try something like the “safari utility” look. You may recognize some of the same trends you’ve seen come and go for decades. Shoulder pads? Again? But don’t let on.

Show Off Sometimes

If there’s an outfit or accessory that brings you joy, wear it! It might spark joy in someone else, too. It might not be warranted, appropriate, or tasteful, but as long as it’s not actually offending others, indulge your fashion whims. Don’t wait to use your favorite red Chanel lipstick; if you run out, they’ll make more. If your kids make fun of your love of hats, buy yourself an alligator-skin fedora to show them what real style looks like. If there’s not a party going on, you’ll just have to be the party yourself.

Compliment Someone

Your clothes are a way of communicating without having to say a word, but there are other outfits out there with something to say, too. If you see some fearless fashion out there, tell them that you like it—or that you appreciate the effort, at least. If your neighbor looks like he’s ironed his shirt, give him a little positive reinforcement. If the grocery cashier is wearing a polka-dot mask, let her know that she made your day. Let fashion be the universal language that gets people talking.

Celebrate Your Beauty

You’ve learned what clothes are timeless, what looks good on you, and what makes you happy. Inner beauty, outer beauty—you’ve got it covered. You know too much to get sucked into fashion fads, and you don’t care about any faux pas. As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Stylish seniors don’t really need fashion tips, just a reminder that they’ve never been brighter.

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