2019 Back to School Gift Guide—Fashion and Accessories

Stephen David Leonard Collection

As seen in Rolling Stone and scheduled to air on The Today Show, Stephen is proud to announce his new menswear line with quality leather goods, rings and bracelets. Each piece is a work of art: hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with care.

Before making the huge leap to entrepreneurship, Stephen has a fascinating backstory of working as a pastor and receiving his doctorate degree. But, he took risks necessary for fatherhood, leadership and relationships to help launch his wife‘s wildly successful women’s jewelry collection that has over a million social media followers. And now, it is his turn to design and create a new menswear line to offer quality gifts for men and hopes each product inspires customers through their journey in life. You can read more about his story here.


Relax + Enjoy Pub Coasters [Pewter] 


Life is too short to be serious all the time. Sometimes, we all need to sit with friends and family, have a drink and enjoy one another. The Relax and Enjoy Pub Coasters are inspired by days past when people gathered at a pub for a drink, a conversation and a laugh. Comes as a set with 4 unique coasters. 


Life Forever Bracelet [Brown] 


Combining two powerful symbols, the octagon (rebirth) and the circle (eternity), the Life Forever Bracelet signifies the wearer’s desire to live a purpose filled life to the full. This bracelet is simple and easy to wear, belying its powerful meaning.


Roman Coin Cross Necklace [Sterling Silver] 


In the gospels Jesus used a Roman coin with Caesar’s image to remind us we are made in God’s image and to teach us we are to “give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” This Roman Coin Cross is a daily reminder you are made to reflect God and His great love in the world.

Traveler Messenger Brief



As someone who travels for work a lot, I am always looking for a leather messenger brief with the right combination of form and function. The Traveler Messenger Brief has the style and durability of leather along with plenty of modern storage pockets inside and out for your laptop, power cords, tablet, e-reader, snacks, passport, files and more. A slim design with easy access to pockets and internal padding and storage this bag will meet your every need from the office to the plane to your favorite coffee shop. Made of real, soft, durable, vegetable tanned Buffalo Leather with antiqued metal plated closures and thick waterproof coated fabric lining.


The United States is experiencing a silver tsunami with over 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day. As the aging process progresses, it can be difficult for senior citizens to continue their everyday normal tasks, such as getting dressed in the morning. 

Designer MagnaReady provides these older Americans with limited mobility a clothing solution that restores independence and increases confidence and self-esteem with a classic, professional look that has not previously been available. The shirts easily click together by a powerful patented magnetic closure system, helping seniors to cut corners in their morning routine if the simple act of buttoning their shirt becomes extremely difficult. 


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Carter Backpack $39.50 | Fifi Backpack $39.50| Suzie Multi Cap $22.40 | Annie Black Cap $22.50 

Screenshot 2019-08-13 10.58.38.png

Callie Rose Gold High Top $68 | Callie Burgundy Hight Top $68 | Tristen Fringe High Top $68

Head-to-toe looks by Joyfolie! From apparel to accessories and everything in between, Joyfolie’s latest “Cool & Casual” collection features statement accessories, comfortable leggings, breezy dresses, and versatile tops and jackets for women and girls.

With new products released every two weeks, Joyfolie ensures that your little princess is stocked up and looking glamorous throughout the entire school year. In addition, the brand offers matching dresses for Mom and her mini-me! All styles are available in girls sizes 2-14 and womens sizes XS-XL at www.joyfolie.com

Heat Holders®

Internationally recognized as the world’s warmest sock, Heat Holders® socks are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks.

Heat Holders® are specially developed with cashmere-like acrylic yarn which provides high performance insulation against the cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. Your feet are staying warm and dry all day. With Heat Holders®, you can give the perfect gift of warmth! Heat Holders® hats, gloves, or socks make for a fun and thoughtful stocking stuffer, or the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, friend or colleague.