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Are you ready for the next big thing in tween fashion? Imagine a tween’s shoulder bag with a crazy, yet stylish design. Now picture half of it being covered with a brightly colored fur. That’s the Bestie Bag – the newest must-have tween fashion accessory. What makes a Bestie Bag so special? In addition to its unique design, it’s the community behind the bag that sets it apart. Each Bestie Bag belongs to a female character with her own personality.

Claire, for example, is cool and down to earth. She loves nature, exercising and animals. Her signature color is blue.

Katie is the adventurous one. She’s always on the go and isn’t afraid to try new things. She loves sports – especially basketball and soccer. Her favorite color is orange.

Along with their three other besties, these girls represent the Bestie Bag community. The girls are very active on social media – they love to connect with their fans and urge them to post pictures with their Besties. Tween girls get the chance to choose a bag based not only on the style and color but also on the personalities that the bags represent. Who will they choose – someone that mirrors their interests or the complete opposite to perfectly compliment their personality?

With a Bestie Bag, they’re getting so much more than a stylish accessory – they’re choosing a Bestie that they can take anywhere. Pricing for the Bestie Bag is $19.99, Tween girls will probably want to collect them because they come in different colors and they represent girls with different personalities.

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