2015 Holiday Gift Guide—Fashion & Accessories


The news about Cecil the Lion sparked international outrage, and woke us up to the horrors of wildlife poaching. Inspired by the story, the newest Altruette anti-poaching charm will be available starting November 1st with 50% of the net profits going to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and its fight to stop poachers and protect these amazing, endangered creatures.

Giraffe Charm MSRP: $75.00 in sterling silver and $95.00 in sterling silver plated with 14k gold.

NEW GIRLS LINE:  Charms start at $15.00

Teach the little lady in your life the importance of giving back with the new line of cute charitable charms, with a portion from each sale going back to the cause it represents.

ALTUETTE_GIFT_BOX_1Altruette has also added a new subscription program so parents, grandparents, family and friends can give the present of a philanthropic charm to look forward to monthly. Altruette is a stunning collection of necklaces, bracelets and charms that simultaneously benefit charities around the world.  When creating a new charm Altruette selects a cause and works with the nonprofit to pick the perfect symbol (a Christmas Tree for Toys for Tots, a blue whale for Save the Whales, a park slide for KaBOOM.org, which builds playgrounds).

“EyeLoop” Magnetic Eyeglass Holders 

This effective, alternative product was designed to help those who struggle with finding a spot to keep their eyeglasses throughout the day.

New EyeLoop Eyeglass Holders Offer A Sleek, Effective Alternative

For those who wear reading glasses, one of the biggest challenges is finding a way to keep the glasses close by when they aren’t being worn. Many consumers don’t want to use a granny chain or lanyard, nor do they like to put them in shirt pockets or on a collar because they tend to slip out. The new EyeLoop Steel-2 magnetic eyeglass holder provides an effective solution.

The Steel-2 EyeLoop is a small but strong open loop that attaches to the shirt with a unique magnet. Simply place the magnet inside a shirt and the Steel-2 on the outside and hang the glasses in the loop. The holder and magnet are omni directional and require no special alignment to properly attach.

There are a few eyeglass holders on the market right now but they offer their own set of challenges…too clunky, too heavy and oversized. The Steel-2 eyeglass holder is compact, discreet, and strong enough to hold reading glasses on regular shirts, blouses and t-shirts. It is much more lightweight than other eyeglass holders and the Steel-2 and magnet together weigh less than two pennies.

The compact Steel-2 magnetic glasses holder is about an inch and half tall with an attractive teardrop shape, and offers just the right thickness of 400 series stainless steel that will not rust or discolor. It sports a clean finish, but is not highly polished so it is discreet, not like a flashy piece of jewelry.

EyeLoop inventor Don Rathbun came up with the product line after his wife challenged him: “Why don’t you wear the polo shirts I buy for you?”  Don replied, “There’s no place for my glasses.” So he came up with a solution that is proving more and more popular among consumers nationally.

The EyeLoop Magnetic Eyeglass Holder line ranges from $10 – $18 and is available at: https://www.magneticeyeglassholder.com