2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide—Fashion

PJ Harlow Lounge and Sleepwear

MSRP $42 – $80

Available at TheGrommet.com

Creating the perfect women’s loungewear can be a tricky balance between form, function, and feel, but PJ Harlow has gotten it just right. Their tops, bottoms, and robes look—and feel—luxurious, without compromising on comfort or style.

Screen Shot 2017 05 09 at 4.23.34 PMCooLHeadS

Sunburn and excessive heat season is right around the corner, and while hats protect the head from sun exposure, what about the shoulders and back of the neck? Introducing CooLHeadS, the fashionable and unique headwear that provides 100% sun protection for your head and neck area, including the sensitive shoulder area, while keeping you cool. From playing a game of golf to just enjoying a sunny day at the beach, CoolHeadS has got you covered. Get out and “Live Summer” with the one and only CoolHeadS.

Made from 100% ultra-soft and absorbent terry cloth, CoolHeadS are designed to fit comfortably and stay on your head using a unique inner band system. Half towel and half hood, the stylish headwear not only provides complete protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but it also absorbs sweat!

A colored cloth trim, available in seven different colors, accent the bright, sun-reflecting white terry cloth and help regulate the body’s temperature and keep you cool. 

With a $19.99 price tag, staying protected and cool this summer won’t break the bank either!

Head over to www.getcoolheads.com, to purchase the fun and fashionable headwear. Take a look at their line of snap-backs and accessories while there too!

Now get outside and “Live Summer” with CooLHeadS!

Screen Shot 2017 05 09 at 4.25.42 PMDorfman Pacific

Just when you thought things were settling down about the Zika virus, scientists discovered the possibility of not 1, not 2 but 26 species of mosquitos potentially carry the harmful, potential life threating virus.

“Zika virus could be transmitted by more mosquito species than those currently known, according to a new predictive model created by ecologists at the University of Georgia and the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies. Their findings, published in the journal eLife, offer a list of 26 additional potential candidate species — including seven that occur in the continental United States — that the authors suggest should be the first priority for further research.” – https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/02/170228131052.htm

Protecting yourself from the harm of not just mosquitos, but ants, tickets, chiggers and flies, is just as serious of a matter as it was when the virus initially was re-introduced to North America in 2016. Don’t rely just on just bug spray -in fact, with Dorman Pacific’s No Fly Zone hat, you don’t have to depend on the sticky spray that constantly has to be reapplied.  The No Fly Zone hats are odorless and repels and protects you from these disease-carrying insects. It’s been recognized as the most efficient fabric treatment process and is even approved and recommended by the CDC and WHO.

About Dorfman Pacific

Dorfman Pacific prides itself in being one of the largest full-line, in-stock headwear and handbag companies in the world. Our company began in 1921 asDorfman Hat & Cap Company in a 5,000 square foot facility in Oakland, California. We recently celebrated our 90th year in business at our 275,000 sqft facility in Stockton, California.

For more information and to get your No Fly Zone hat please visit:



It started with a simple idea: sporty and casual shoes for unconventional people. Invented by an entrepreneur family that puts local production and a healthy wearing feel first. The result: a style that embodies the American spirit of freedom which perfectly suits the Californian sun, the French surfer beaches or the Berlin boulevards. Okabashi stands for cool shoe fashion for people who want to make a difference. 100% recyclable, 100% American made, 100% healthy. By the way: the Okabashi name comes from Japan and is a reminiscence to the Far East idea of reflexology – an idea that you easily can experience in the brand’s characteristic footbed!

Screen Shot 2017 06 28 at 7.07.16 AM

Okabashi is a manufacturer of American made sandals and flip flops based in Buford, GA. Makers of the Original Comfort Sandal, with over 35 million pairs sold!

Pieces To Peaces

Mom will LOVE this new brand, Pieces To Peaces! Bright colored headbands and beanies perfect for spring and summer and the material is so soft and comfortable for your next yoga class.

Blending passion & peace into one brand, Pieces To Peaces creates stylish and functional fashion accessories. Every item is handcrafted in Olympia, WA by a small team of local women led by Danielle Hale.

Pieces To Peaces offers options for the whole family by providing a wide range of sizing, fabric choices, and styles. They believe that what you wear should be stylish yet comfortable and design all of our accessories with that in mind.

Order online at www.piecestopeaces.com.

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