Factors to Take into Consideration for Medical Debt Settlement

Updated on March 11, 2019

One of the most common causes of personal bankruptcy in the USA is medical debts. Several people fail to clear their medical debts even if they have health insurance. This is where they look for help when it comes to the elimination of these debts. There are debt settlement companies that step in to help such people so that they can alleviate stress and get the peace of mind they need when it comes to the elimination of medical debts legally and without hassles at all.  

Factors you should take into consideration when you are looking for debt settlement of medical costs 

You never know when a medical emergency might strike, and it is here that you should be aware of debt settlement and its benefits for medical debts that you are unable to pay. Experts in the field suggest you do the following when you are eliminating these medical loans-

You should always carefully the medical bills before you pay them. Most of the time, they do check the medical invoices they receive. They are not aware of the gaps in the medical coverage they have. You must check the medical invoices you receive for accuracy. Healthcare establishments and hospitals regularly overcharge their patients for medications and medications. Most of the time, these invoices are not corrected for errors. 

Interest on unpaid medical bills – Are they applicable?

You must note that doctors and hospitals do not charge any interest on their medical bills. They are generally willing to negotiate on a payment plan that is affordable for your budget. This is an effective way for you to deal with the medical debt you have. 

Negotiation with your unpaid medical bills and reduce payments 

When it comes to medical debts, you should first enter into a negotiation about your medical debt. You should talk directly with the hospital or doctor when it comes to medical debts. As mentioned above, doctors and hospitals are very notorious when it comes to inflating your medical bills. So, take time and check them so that you can enter into a negotiation and work out how much you can pay them. You should talk to them and enter into a payment plan that is realistic to you. The doctor and the hospital will make money from these negotiation deals overturning them over to a collection agency.

Use debt settlement for paying off unpaid medical bills 

When you opt for debt settlement programs, you get the help you need to eliminate the debt. Here, a lump sum can be paid, and the remaining can be written off. You can read honest debt settlement reviewsand choose the company for helping you to eliminate the debt. If you settle the debt for a lesser amount than you actually owe, this results in an adverse impact on your personal credit score. 

Some specialists deal with negotiations in medical debts. They search for errors in the medical bills. They will later negotiate with discounts for eliminating the debts. You have the option to do the above yourself, but it is prudent for you to hire a professional for the task. The companies that help you in medical bill payment negotiations generally charge you a percentage of the money that you generally save with the negotiations. 

Asking friends and family for financial assistance 

When you are searching for ways of paying off medical debts, you may ask your friends and family for help. They may pitch in whatever they can, and with time you can repay them. This will help you to avoid bankruptcy. You may ask your family members to circulate the request so that everyone knows and is able to help you.

What about debt consolidation about medical bills? 

Remember that medical bills do not accumulate interest and so consolidation of your medical debts will not help you save money. However, if you pay the medical debt with your credit card, you may consider consolidation of your medical debts if you wish to. The only option can be when your hospital sends the medical bills you owe to collection agencies, and the latter is not willing to create a repayment plan and threatens to make a judgment against you.

Personal loan or home equity for paying off medical bills 

You have the option to apply for a personal loan or home equity to pay off the medical debts you owe. This can be done with the aid of an interest rate that is reasonable and affordable for you. You can apply for the loan and use the money to clear your medical debts. Here, you will have a single loan that you can pay off every month. This means you need to worry about one payment every month.

Taking a personal loan is an unsecured loan that a bank gives you. Here, you do not need collateral that means the bank will charge an interest rate that is higher over a loan from home equity. This loan is backed by the home you owe. This means you are placing your home at risk. However, the rates of interest are lesser, and the interest is deducted from the taxes you pay.

Credit card payments for unpaid medical bills – Is it the right choice? 

When you pay unpaid medical bills with your credit card, this is generally not a very good idea. Your credit increases along with the amount you owe. Often you are not able to pay these credit card bills at the end of the cycle. The interest of the credit card increases and so it can be a financial disaster. 

In order to reduce the unpaid medical bills of the healthcare provider, you should take an informed choice. Talk to esteemed debt settlement companies and enter into negotiations where you can waive a portion of the sum you need to pay off. Understand the terms and conditions of the debt settlement program so that tensions are alleviated getting the peace of mind you deserve! 


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