Facing ENT Disorders: Consult Top ENT Specialist Clinic in Singapore For Ear, Nose, Throat & Neck Treatment

Updated on April 12, 2019

Ears, nose, and throat are the three vital organs of the body that help us lead a normal life when they function correctly. Any issues with these organs directly impact the quality of our lives. In the case of emergencies, these need proper treatment from the specialists. An abbreviated form for ears, nose, and throat, ENT disorders exist in almost every human body, and the doctor who treats an ailment related to these areas is called ENT. In medical terms, another term for them is “otolaryngologist.” 

As you know, ears not only support hearing but also promote a sense of balance in us. Through the nose, we don’t just smell but also get a sense of taste. That aside, it also controls the air we breathe and blocks unwanted elements from getting inside our body. Similarly, the throat allows air, food, and water to reach their right places, such as the lungs and digestive system. But when these normal functions are interrupted, the body starts reacting in a different manner signaling specific symptoms, which only an ENT specialist can diagnose.

So here you can read about the types of ailments that affect these areas and how doctors treat them.


Common infections like cold, mono and strep throat cause swelling and redness to your tonsils, and as a result, you feel pain in your throat. If the infection is severe, you may be recommended to go for tonsillectomy. Since it’s a surgical procedure, doctors advise this mainly in the case of emergencies, such as recurrence of tonsillitis, snoring, sleep apnea, etc. These conditions can obstruct your breathing and swallowing, but when the tonsils are removed, the blocked airways get cleared and start functioning properly.

Sleep Apnea

Excess weight, tonsils, or structural defect in nose and throat can obstruct breathing when you are asleep. A person suffering from this condition usually experiences fatigue, headaches, depression, snoring, and other such symptoms. If the treatment does not happen in time, the risk of heart failure increases in the patient. If you visit an ENT specialist clinic in Singapore, the doctor may tell you to adopt specific dietary and lifestyle changes. However, if that doesn’t help, then only surgery is recommended, such as genioplasty, radiofrequency of the turbinate, tonsillectomy, etc.

Ear infections

Problem with hearing, pain in the ears, discharge from the ears, and any recent respiratory infection indicate the chances of ear infections, which can be caused by germs. Ear infections are common with children. If not attended on time, these infections can affect your child’s hearing and speech abilities. Doctors recommend surgical procedures if the disease is severe.


Sinuses are air-filled pockets found near the region of your eyes and nose. When these cavities catch a virus, bacteria, or any allergy, they become infected. As a result, the patient experiences difficulty in breathing, bad breath, headache, toothaches, and other such issues. If the problem is acute, doctors recommend sinus surgery as a cure. Balloon sinuplasty, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery are some of the standard treatments in this regard.

In Singapore, advanced technologies and devices are used to perform ENT treatments. If you are facing any ENT related issue, do contact a specialist there for assistance. Before that, you can also visit this website for in-depth knowledge:  https://EarNoseThroat.com.sg.

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