Exercises To Relieve Arthritis Pain

Updated on June 25, 2021
Exercises To Relieve Arthritis Pain

The aches and pains that accompany arthritis can leave you exhausted. Some days, you may not even want to move—but movement is your best friend when searching for ways to ease that pain. Gentle exercise every day can improve mobility in your joints and prevent you from stiffening up. The following exercises to relieve arthritis pain will keep discomfort at bay.

Take a Gentle Walk

Every day, take a fifteen-minute walk at your own pace. Walk around your courtyard, around the block, or anywhere you can get some fresh air and a moment to yourself. A little bit of movement every day keeps your muscles from stiffening up. If you can’t go too far, walk around your house or apartment.

Stretch Regularly

Yoga and tai chi are reliable methods of stretching out your muscles and improving mobility. The flowing movements and deep breathing exercises help to relieve stress as you increase your range of motion.

Focus On Pain Points

If some of your joints cause more discomfort than others, give them a little extra TLC. For example, if rheumatoid arthritis in your hands is the main culprit, gently rotate your wrists and flex your fingers every day.

Try Water Therapy

Swimming is perfect for sore joints that need extra support. Gravity works differently underwater! Give water therapy a try; the hot tubs of today are ergonomically friendly and offer high-powered jets and circulation systems that will massage your soreness away while you stretch.

Take Time To Recover

You may not be able to work out every day—and that’s fine. Giving your body days off in between physical exertion helps your muscles and joints recover. Next time you exercise, you may find that you can walk a little farther or stretch a little more!

Exercising with arthritis doesn’t have to be a pain—physically or mentally. When you move your body regularly, over time it will become easier. Start with these exercises to relieve arthritis pain and soon you’ll enjoy increased range of motion, stronger muscles, and pain-free joints. As those aches fade away, you may even find yourself smiling more!

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