Everything You Wanted To Know About A Brazilian Butt Lift (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Updated on August 22, 2019

There was a time when cosmetic surgery was limited to the face and abdomen. These days, however, it is possible to safely and effectively alter all areas of one’s body in order to create an appearance with which the patient feels more comfortable. One of the most popular procedures in modern cosmetic surgery is the Brazilian butt lift. But what exactly is the Brazlian butt lift? How does it work? How much does it cost? More importantly, is it the thing you need to feel more at home in your own skin? Read on to find out!

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift? 

The Brazilian butt lift has risen through the ranks of cosmetic surgery to become one of the most popular procedures among models, actors, reality TV stars, and other big-name entertainers. It is also increasingly in demand among members of the public. Also known as a “BBL”, the procedure draws on innovative new techniques to shape the buttock in a manner the patient feels is more appealing. But it does not simply alter the shape of the buttock. The typical BBL procedure will also alter the lower back and thighs for a finish that is truly jaw-dropping.

How Does It Work?

To begin the typical Brazilian butt lift, the surgeon will identify a portion of the patient’s body where there is an abundance of fatty tissue. The chosen area becomes what is known as the “donor site. Fatty tissue is removed from the donor site via liposuction. It is then transported to the buttock, where it is used to mould the area into a more attractive shape. Of course, this is a gross oversimplification of the procedure. For a more detailed breakdown of what goes into a Brazilian butt lift, pay a visit to this article from Women’s Health.

How Much Does It Cost?

With any cosmetic surgery, you can expect expenses to rise and fall depending on the country in which you have it performed. A Brazilian butt lift is no exception. In the United States, a BBL can cost you as much as $10,000. You could get it for as low as $8000 in America, but you’d have to go to a surgeon with a less impressive catalogue than the most reputable surgeons in the game. This, of course, is ill-advised. 

If you don’t have $10,000 to dedicate to getting a Brazlian butt lift in the United States, we suggest you consider traveling to Turkey. We say this because Turkey is home not only to some of the most reputable cosmetic surgeons in the world, but some of the most affordable cosmetic surgeries also. Every year, countless medical tourists travel to the country for procedures, including BBLs. Even in Turkey’s top cosmetic clinics, such as The Vera Clinic in Istanbul, one can obtain a Brazilian butt wax for markedly less than they would pay in the Western world. The average cost of the surgery in a Turkish clinic is $3,500, meaning even with flights and accommodation an American citizen would end up dropping less cash than they would back home!


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