Ergatta Introduces a Gaming-Style Rowing Workout: A Review

Updated on February 4, 2021

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Keeping fit with state-of-the-art machines is no longer a preserve of gym-goers as you too can have the same experience at home. The Ergatta offers you the chance to reach your fitness goals and compete with others in race competitions. The home rower has a touchscreen display with perfect workout streaming. You can find out more in this review about the rower if the idea of streaming workouts strikes home.

What Is Ergatta?

Ergatta is a rower with a frame made from cherry wood. It comes with a transparent water tank and a touchscreen that allows you to view stats, play, and browse workouts. The machine’s system has a water resistance that uses your effort to adjust. 

The light and compact machine allows you to store it vertically after exercising. It comes with heart rate monitors and built-in speakers though you can still connect to Bluetooth headphones. You can see more details about Ergatta in an in-depth online review. 

The Frame 

The American cherry wood frame is solid enough to accommodate a weight capacity of 500 lb. The hardwood frame not only offers aesthetic value but durability as well. Even though made up of wood, the machine still saves space as you can store it vertically after use. 

There is no need to remove the water when storing it. It is lightweight, which allows you to move it around when holding it. 

How to Assemble 

Assembling the Ergatta should not worry you since a professional will help you. During delivery, the company sends you a technician who will assemble the water rower. They will then show you how to add or remove water from the tank. 


·                     The frame made from cherry wood, which is hardwood makes the machine more durable.

·                     The resistance is unlimited.

·                     The system has natural water resistance.

·                     The system is compatible with Bluetooth and a heart rate monitor.  

·                     It allows you to save on space as you can store it vertically.  

·                     The big touchscreen display of 17.3 inches offers you an exciting gaming experience. 

·                     Upon delivery, a professional will assemble the machine. 

·                     There are competitive workouts according to your performance level. 


·                     It is not suitable if you are a beginner as there are no rowing instructions or trainers.

·                     There are no live races.


Apart from the buying cost and shipping fee, you may have to incur more charges when you enroll in a class membership. As a member, there is access to numerous workouts, game-based workout platforms, training programs based on your goals, monthly challenges, competitions, and personal dashboards.

If you enroll for membership, you can create several profiles on a single machine for every member of your household.

The Warranty

For the warranty, the Ergatta comes with five years for the frame, the parts for three years, and one year for labor. It is a fair warranty that will ensure the machine serves you for a long duration. You will have to register within the first year of purchase. If not, the device is only liable for one year’s warranty. 

The Touchscreen Display

The Ergatta has a unique monitor that is compatible with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can use Bluetooth to connect to headphones and heart rate monitors. The screen is big enough to allow you to view all data you will need during a workout. You can see the push programs that will enable you to reach your performance goals. There are race workouts when you are competing with other users at your level.

Ergatta’s Resistance

Air, water, hydraulic, and magnetic are the different resistance systems rowing machines use. Ergatta is a water rower as it makes use of water to offer you the resistance you pull against. The reason why this water rower is unique is that it provides you a real-boat rowing experience. The flywheel with paddles on the machine allows you to get that experience as it cuts through the water inside the tank. 

The beauty of water is that there is no limit to the resistance you want. You only have to row harder if you are going to increase the resistance. The water levels on the rower are adjustable. Even though changing the water levels does not affect the resistance, it adjusts the rower’s weight. The more water you add to the tank, the bigger the size and the heavier the boat’s weight. There is a siphon that comes with the machine that you will use to add or remove water. 

Bottom Line

Ergatta may not be the perfect machine for beginners since it does not have instructors. For those who prefer silent resistance, it may also not be what you are looking for.

However, the bottom line is, Ergatta is your go-to water rower, thanks to its unique system. The solid frame, water resistance, good warranty, and HD touchscreen display make for a good bargain. It offers you personalized gaming styles that motivate you to work out even when you do not feel like it.


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