Ensuring Safe Travelling for Seniors and Elders: Things To Do

Updated on April 7, 2021

After what may seem like the longest time period in history, slowly and gradually people have started to move out for traveling. While keeping the mandatory orders in compliance, many countries have opened their borders for recreational and leisure travelers as well. After being home-bound for a whole year, we would not blame you for having itchy feet. 

But we understand your worries about traveling especially if you have seniors who may have to accompany you on the road. Don’t fret, we have got you covered. If you have been looking for something to guide you on how to take your elders traveling with you in this pandemic without having to compromise on their safety, then this article is just for you. 

Pre Trip Planning

When you have elder people on board with you, it is an obvious thing that their health would be of paramount importance to you. As you would not want anything to become uncomfortable for them during the trip, it is necessary to go with some pre-trip planning. It should help you to accommodate all needs of the senior family members.

Firstly, you should be trying to learn more about the medical facilities which are available in the areas you would be visiting. Secondly, it is important to consider some other things like the climate, language, and culture as they may affect your travel experience a lot. 

There could be some situations when you may need wheelchairs, guide dogs, and special seating. If you think that the senior members traveling with you would require any of that, then it is useful to make arrangements beforehand. As an extra precaution, if there is any pre-existing illness cover required, then it is better to organize that with travel insurance. Checking for reciprocal healthcare arrangements is also good if you think that the person can be susceptible to any medical emergency.

Managing the Conveyance

It is understandable that when it comes to your loved ones, you would not like to take any chances, even more so when it comes to the age bracket which is more prone to falling sick. As the COVID-19 situation continues to linger, it may seem a little dangerous for elders to be traveling inside a plane. The air inside the flight is circulatory. This means that if there is an asymptomatic person on board, he or she may not know it but could potentially infect everyone on the plane. Elders are more prone to contract it and then have health complications as a result of it.

Hence, in such a case, air travel may not be looking very attractive for them but that does not mean that they would be void of the fun of traveling altogether. If you are planning a trip somewhere for a short period of time, then maybe your regular car would suffice. However, if you are thinking to go cross country or are considering a long getaway, we suggest you go with a bigger vehicle, like an RV. Not only will it be able to keep them safe on the road from any potential infection, but will also give them a homely atmosphere.

If you face a budget restraint and buying a new one does not seem very feasible to you, you can even go for the option of a preowned vehicle. Searching for a Tucson used RV, especially if you are from the Arizona area will get you a lot of options. You can pick something according to your choices of the price range, model, body type, or mileage. Being so free, you can park it at your convenience and can enjoy the countryside in its full glory. 

Scheduled Medical Check-Ups

With age, usually, many health issues start developing. Even though if they are not life-threatening, it is still better to be wary of them for long-term good health. If the elder person has a history or risk of coronary heart diseases, hypertension, or any other condition, this becomes more important. Scheduling complete medical check-ups are necessary in case of recent surgeries or any occasion of a health complexity. 

Before embarking on such a long trip, it is better to have a detailed discussion with the health care provider. This will tell you if there is any need for any food restrictions or dietary changes are required. In case, the person in question has diabetic issues, then it is crucial to seek medical advice to fit the specialized medication.

In case if there are any specialists that the seniors visit like physiotherapists or dentists, book an appointment. The last-minute accurate evaluation will help you to stay abreast of their current medical status.

Getting Covid 19 Vaccination

The spread of COVID -19 started with a pattern and the more it went to keep on spreading, the more whimsical it went to become. Even when you are considering traveling in your own vehicle, there would still be people you will meet. For example, you’ll be visiting public places and surely interact with other people around you. As the coronavirus is airborne, there will always be a risk of contracting it even through the most unsuspected sources.

As it is always better to be safer than sorry, it is better to have the senior travelers in the family vaccinated before setting on the journey. This will not only keep them safe from contracting it but also if they do happen to get it, the potential risk of mortality will be very low. This factor will help you and them to know that they are still going to be comparatively a lot safer than being without it.

The Last Word 

Along with following the above mentioned, it is also important that you take note of building a whole medication stock for the elder people. There is a possibility that the place where you are headed, may or may not have the exact compositions and you would surely not want to take any chances. It is also important to follow all the journey guidelines to be safe at all times. Taking the elderly to travel is something which involves going over a lot of aspects. Thus, we are hopeful that this article helps you to get everything together in a synchronized way.


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