Engage Me: Strategies From The Sales Effectiveness Source

Updated on March 27, 2018

Higgins_EngageMe_cvrdesign4_280pxSalespeople Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave Managers!

Did you know?

  • $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover
  • Companies with engaged employees outperformed those without by up to 202%
  • 71% of all employees are not fully engaged
  • 80% of employees dissatisfied with their direct manager were disengaged

With staggering numbers like these, it’s easy to see how important employee engagement is in today’s workplace. And employees are not just looking to feel engaged with their company as a whole, but more particularly, with their direct manager and leaders. Yet increasing employee retention rates do not always allow for the development of a great sales culture. How do sales managers create such a culture of engaged employees to ensure the team not only stays but thrives?

Enter Engage Me: Strategies From The Sales Effectiveness Source by internationally recognized sales consultant and speaker Kevin Higgins.

A practical, how-to guide based on attitude, skills and sales management disciplines, Engage Me is a must-read for today’s sales executives and leaders. Higgins, the CEO of DoubleDigit-Sales, a world-class sales training organization, has trained thousands of salespeople from Fortune 100 companies around the world over the past 20 years and believes management must drive sales development.

“Salespeople will do what they see their managers doing, not what they hear them saying,” says Higgins. “The highest point of leverage in a sales organization is with the Sales Managers. If a company has a dollar to invest in development, it should be invested in their Sales Managers.”

In addition to Higgins’ personal insights and experience, and the practices in the book being successfully implemented at Fusion Learning, Engage Me addresses themes including:

  • Great Sales Culture = Engaged Sales Team
  • Fundamental skills for excellence in sales management
  • The specific keys in the four sales management disciplines to implement a formula for success
  • Creating a “ROOMr” for Retention
  • Progress, not Perfection – Taking small steps toward bigger success

“Through Engage Me, I hope companies can dramatically improve engagement in their sales team and company overall,” adds Higgins. “This book is intended for sales leaders in all types of businesses. With no sales, there is no company.”

Kevin Higgins is CEO of Fusion Learning, a world-class sales training organization. He takes pride in his great team and the sales performance improvements they help to make in their clients’ organizations. Over the past 20 years, Higgins has trained thousands of sales managers from Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, BlackRock, BMO, Disney, Expedia, Honda, HSBC, iShares, JTI, Manulife, Pfizer, SAS, Sun Life, Scotiabank, TD Bank and 3M. An internationally recognized consultant and public speaker on selling, sales management and learning effectiveness, his passion for lifelong learning is well known and he is respected in the training industry as a “business person working in training, not a training person trying to figure out business.”

Fusion Learning has a compound annual growth rate of 28% and has been recognized by Profit Magazine as one of Canada’s fastest-growing firms for 7 years in a row. Selling Power Magazine has named Fusion Learning one of the Top 20 Sales Training firms for the last 3 years.

For more information, visit https://doubledigit-sales.com/.


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