Emergency Devices That Will Keep Seniors Living Alone Safe

Updated on November 2, 2022
Emergency Devices That Will Keep Seniors Living Alone Safe

Knowing the best ways to prioritize your safety is essential as a senior who lives alone. In our high-tech society, more and more technology products are available to assist seniors in navigating day-to-day life safely. There are many emergency devices that will keep seniors living alone safe. Consider these options for yourself or your loved one.  

Two-Way Radio

two-way radio is an excellent device that allows you to maintain communication with a friend or loved one in an emergency. Leave one radio with someone you trust and quickly reach them whenever you need it. Quickly communicating in a life-threatening situation is the bridge between your moment of vulnerability and your safety. You can find some useful information here about how the new two-way radios compare to the older Nextel push-to-talk phones.

Senior Alert Pendant

Another emergency device that will keep you or your loved one safe is a senior alert pendant. Senior alert pendants are small, compact devices that can always go around the neck, wrist, or belt. When you press the button on the pendant, it sends out an alert to a call center. An agent at the call center will then contact medical personnel or individuals from your emergency contact list.

This device gives you the independence you desire and provides protection at the touch of a button.

Amazon Echo Dot

An Amazon Echo Dot is a device that can act as an assistant by setting reminders, making phone calls, and giving you access to the news and weather. They can be used during an emergency, such as when you need to make a 9-1-1 call but can’t reach the phone. The voice commands on the Amazon Echo Dot make calling and other tasks easily doable.

Health Manager Smart Watch

A health management watch can monitor important health vitals like your heart rate and stress levels. It also can directly connect you to a monitoring center during an emergency at the simple tap of a button. This smartwatch is ideal for a senior looking for a simple wearable device that encourages confidence and independence.

Many devices provide a convenient and helpful solution for your needs as a senior who lives alone. Consider what’s important and more useful for you. Are you prone to falling or can’t use your voice due to a health issue? Try the alert pendant. Do you prefer having direct contact with a trusted loved one? Try the two-way radio. There are plenty of options available designed to make you feel safe.

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