Effective Tips to Enhance your Vaping Experience

Updated on April 2, 2024

Whether you consider vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking and a way to quit smoking or just a way to pass the time, vaping is in trend and becoming a widespread habit. One of the reasons behind its immense popularity could be that vapers can easily customize their vaping experience in many different ways. 

There are many vaping devices currently in the market, including different flavors, to enhance your experience. This has helped to boost the overall popularity of the vape as the customisation options are almost limitless. Likewise, vapes are now available for purchase practically everywhere, allowing for easy access to the devices. But for people with hectic lives, determining the best way to vape and have a fantastic experience can be challenging. Here are some useful power tips to enhance your vaping experience. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

#1 Buy High-Quality E-Liquids

Vaping is mostly about flavors. Even if you own the best in the market e-cig but have a low-quality e-liquid, you won’t enjoy it. Normally, you can use cheap e-liquids. But, they will most likely not be able to give you a fantastic experience because they contain a thinner carrier liquid, and the flavor is also underwhelming. Some cheap e-liquid in the market are filled with nasty things like additives.

To have a fantastic vaping experience, invest in high-quality e-liquids or even nicotine salts. There are many vape shops online that sell high-quality e-liquid. A high-quality vaping liquid would escalate your experience and offer you dense and flavourful clouds for your session.

#2 Clean the Coil and Tank before changing flavors

In order to avoid a possible unpleasant and rather strange flavors mix, it recommended to clean the coil and tank of the e-cig before changing flavors. It’s important to note some flavors tend to blend and create a fantastic concoction, that’s why some vapers also experiment a lot by mixing different flavors. 

Nonetheless, it’s always advised to clean the device to remove old flavors that can possibly still be lingering as you try new ones.  What’s more, regular cleaning is a crucial way to maintain your e-cigs. 

#3 Try New Flavors

It might be great to stick to one juice flavor for vaping. However, there are many more vaping flavors waiting for you to try them out. If you want to try out new flavors without having to clean the e-cig coil and tank, then buy e-cigs from the best brands in the market. Having the best e-cigs will let you dispose of the vapor quickly after every vaping session. Thus, enabling you to enjoy different flavors without any hassles. 

#4 Manage Your E-Liquid Properly

Start every vaping sessing by shaking your e-liquid properly to make sure that everything is mixed up before refilling the vape. This can make a significant difference in terms of your vaping experience. Also, don’t leave the bottle with your vape juice open. That’s because leaving the juice exposed to air compromises can intense its flavor, which you may not enjoy. 

It’s also crucial to hide your e-liquid from direct sunlight. Direct light breaks down vape juice quickly. Ensure that any untouched e-liquid remains in an unopened bottle and put it in the cardboard carton. To lower the chances of degrading e-juice, keep it in the dark cupboard. 

#5 Avoid using plastic vape tanks.

You may want to save some buck by buying a cheap e-cig. However, don’t buy an electronic cigarette with a plastic tank. Some vape starter kits in the market come with plastic tanks. However, a plastic tank may not be strong enough to resist damage caused by acidic flavors. 

Experts recommend avoiding e-cigs with plastic tanks if you vape intense citrus or menthol flavors. It’s because these flavors can dig into plastic coloring and interfere with the taste of your vaping juice. Therefore, it’s good if you e-cig with a glass tank if you prefer vaping intense flavors. 

#6 Keep E-Cigarette Away from Water

Even if you are a CBD vape pen, ensure that it doesn’t get into contact with water. This is one of the essential tips to keep in mind whenever you’re having fun at the beach or swimming. 

Ensure that your vape pen stays dry because water can damage the vape pen and ruin your whole vaping experience. Therefore, it’s good if you keep your vape pen in a sealed plastic bag when going to places where there is water, such as beaches or swimming pools. 

Vaping is all about experiencing. So, keep these tips in mind to enhance your vaping experience. 

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