Easy Ways To Renovate Your RV on a Budget

Updated on December 13, 2021
Easy Ways To Renovate Your RV on a Budget

After working for most of your life, you’re ready to downsize and get into nature. Sometimes, it isn’t in the cards to take a loan out for a brand-new RV or hauler. So you acquire a used, in good condition RV and plan to upgrade it yourself. Here’s a quick guide on a few fast and simple updates you can do on a budget.

Paint the Cabinetry

Possibly the most time-consuming step in the renovation process will be redoing the cabinetry for a fresh look. Aside from the timing factor, this will also make the biggest impression. Pull all the cabinetry down and give it a good sanding before priming and painting. Remember to take the hinges and pulls off so you can update those too.

Update Wallpaper

Whether you decide to install new wallpaper or paint over the current wallpaper, this is an easy way to renovate your RV on a budget. Because an RV doesn’t have a ton of blank wall space, you’re not looking at a costly update. Consider neutral colors so no matter where you go or who you pass the RV on to, they have an adaptable space to work with.

DIY Bathroom Update

Remove all the hardware from the bathroom area and paint it when you paint the cabinetry hardware. This will ensure a uniform look throughout the RV. Another easy way to renovate your RV on a budget is by adding peel-and-stick tile to the backsplash near the sink and shower. This can provide a more at-home appeal and modernize any outdated fixtures.

Install a Skylight

Retirement is a time to rest, relax, and slow down. What’s a better way to enjoy camping in your RV full time than by installing a skylight? If you take the time to install the skylight on your own, you can save on your renovation budget and invest more funds into other parts of the project. Remember to have the skylight area regularly maintained to prevent any leaks.

With just a few simple updates, you can be off on an adventure in the next best thing to home there is. After all, if you commit to a full-time camper’s life, you want the RV to feel like a cozy home. Bon voyage!

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