Easy Tips for Making Your Home More Comfy and Cozy

    Easy Tips for Making Your Home More Comfy and Cozy

    If you were decorating your home for the first time, you might do things very differently. For starters, you’d probably get remote-control everything—blinds, lights, thermostat, the works. As we get older, we need to accommodate for new aches, pains, and things that used to be a lot easier to do. But these easy tips for making your home more comfy and cozy can help.

    Upgrade Seating

    You might adore the look of dainty slipper chairs, but it’s time to prioritize practicality over aesthetics. And you might not have to compromise either. Today’s lift chairs look more like modern masterpieces than shabby recliners. And if your sofa is just too low or deep to get out of anymore, find something higher and more supportive with foam and coils.

    Warm up the Place

    Just because you’re always cold, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a cardigan all the time. Strategically plant chic throw blankets in all your rooms that add a layer of texture to your décor (and a layer of comfiness when you need it). Coordinate them with accent pillows that you can grab when you want an impromptu nap or some relief for your neck or lower back.

    Rethink Your Mattress

    If you’re not sure when you bought your last mattress, it’s time for a new one. And if you’ve been waking up in pain, a different model might solve your problem. Some of the best affordable memory foam mattresses are engineered for side sleepers or to ease joint pain. There are even models to stop you from disturbing your spouse when you toss and turn. And if you’ve rejected the idea of an adjustable bed because you think “it’s for old people,” do yourself a favor and try one out. It’s one of the great indulgences in life, even if you don’t technically need one.

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    Add Lighting and Moisture

    Here’s a tip for making your home more comfy that will relieve your tired, scratchy eyes. The lamps you bought years ago might not be enough today. If you find you’re squinting more when you’re trying to read or work on hobbies, add some lighting that could give you more productive time at night. You’ll get a kick out of the new technology that will turn lights on and off with voice commands. And make sure you have a humidifier going: your eyes will feel better, and you’ll notice benefits for your skin, sinuses, and more.


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