Easy Skincare Tips for Men

Updated on October 20, 2021

The men’s personal care industry has already crossed a hundred billion dollars in value. But the number of men who use daily skincare products lags far behind the number of women. Only 25% of men have periodic skincare routines. A lot of guys believe cosmetic procedures apply only to people with sensitive skin and various skin conditions like acne. But that perception comes with an important asterisk. Beautiful skin is not gender-specific, and for those who want to improve their appearance, here are some easy skincare tips for men.

Visit a dermatologist.


Taking good care of the skin is typically DIY. But if you must see professionals for skin problems, such as sensitive skin, or general inquiries, do well to go for the best. If you’re around the Texas area, these San Antonio dermatologists are a top pick for good results. With several cosmetic dermatology procedures and different techniques, this Texas dermatology team can field a full range of skin treatments.

The San Antonio dermatology practice is relevant because of its American Academy of Dermatology accreditation. It’s one of many reasons to make them a great choice for all your dermatology care needs. They also have a good reputation for the best therapies in medical dermatology.

Use the right shaving tools.

Facial hair, including beard growth and mustaches, and body hair are becoming very trendy. But when it comes to the upkeep or adopting a grooming routine, it can be a problem. As a rule of thumb, the shaving tools you patronize matter just as much as the basic-technique tips you adopt. Razors with tiny blades don’t do well with coarse hair, just as regular blades don’t perform well when you sport a long beard.

For everyday use, an electric shave can be a great choice for a clean shave without irritations. There are several shaving tools to make your grooming routine more convenient. But a typical shaving starter pack would include shave gel, replacement foil, and a good razor to get a closer shave and eliminate stubble. You can also get an electric razor or disposable options so the entire family can use them anytime. For the best electric razor on the market, you can check for optimal shave capabilities and battery life.

Moisturize your skin on a regular basis.


The magic ingredient in keeping skin glowing is moisture. Moisturizers and creams can retain the amount of water in your dermis, ultimately easing the effects of dry skin. Compared to women, most men already have very oily skin because of excessive sweating. However, not all creams have the same effect.

The right moisturizer can serve as the middle ground between oily ointments and watery lotions. You can apply a significant amount on your face and hands after every wash. Just a little on the problem areas on the skin can be a good idea. Using it on your entire body after a body wash before bed is a better option.

Get a manicure and pedicure.

Every detail when caring for your skin matters. Your feet are usually hidden in those shoes, but that can’t be an excuse for cracked soles. That’s when nail therapy comes in. No doubt it sounds like an extreme sport for many men. But going with the traditional blade isn’t always a great idea. Taking great care of your nails can go a long way to give your hands a sparkle. And you can take this as a nice bonus because there’s no point in having glowing skin without great nails to play the part.

Check labels before use.

The beauty industry is a hot spot for many fake products. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation (OECD), the trade of counterfeit cosmetics products crossed $5 billion dollars in 2016 and has been rising ever since. Always check that you’re buying a genuine product. If the labels are too confusing, check with a dermatologist. They’ll advise you on the best products.

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