Ease of Use Tools & Equipment to Help Seniors with Chronic Conditions

Updated on September 28, 2022

Almost all seniors go through times in their lives when they cannot live independently. For example, a majority of senior fall patients cannot live by themselves after they fall; sometimes that condition is temporary and sometimes it is permanent. Other folks have issues with degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, that may not be very troublesome at times, but over the long haul, they get progressively worse.

These situations should always begin with a conversation, and ideally, the conversation will not end like this one:

Fortunately, there are a number of available tools which help mobility-impaired seniors maintain the independence that they’ve worked so hard to establish.

Overbed Tables

These items are wonderful to have around when a senior is temporarily bedridden, perhaps while recovering from surgery. No matter how old you are, there’s only so much TV you can watch, and these tables are designed to help seniors stay connected while they are immobile.

For patients, an overbed table is more like a comfort station. Many tilt to make reading easier, many have large weight capacities for people who like to multitask, and most have stay-in-place locking casters. For caregivers, an overbed table makes routine tasks, such as mealtime, much easier and less time-consuming.

There are a lot of choices. To get additional information about overbed tables, view more here.

Reachers and Grabbers

In the above clip, the grabber gift did not go over well at all. While the thought was definitely a good one, the presentation needed a little work. Or actually a lot of work.

Presentation is not easy, because many people get the wrong idea about gifts like a grabber or reacher. Whereas it’s obvious when someone needs an overbed table, a mobility-assistance device can be considered insulting. Instead of the direct approach, try modeling the reacher yourself. Buy one for yourself and use it in front of your friend or loved one. Then, give one yourself, including a phrase like “This device helped me a lot and I thought of you.”

There are basically two types of reachers and grabbers: Heavy-duty ones that can withstand lots of wear and tear, and lighter ones that are easier to use.

Handle Grippers

Most of us take gripping for granted. But when arthritis pain flares up, even something as simple as twisting a door handle can trigger excruciating pain. Clearly, such inflammation makes it almost impossible to live alone, so something must be done.

There is a myriad of grip aids available specifically for arthritis sufferers. There are attachments for light switches and keys. There are also multi-purpose household grips, for tasks as diverse as opening a pull tab to holding a coffee mug.

Virtual Assistant

Our society judges by appearances. Moreover, for mobility-impaired individuals, getting to work in the morning and getting home in the evening may be a herculean task. So, a virtual assistant position is a way for these individuals to use their minds without worrying about the limitations of their physical conditions. There is also a matchmaker market, as people who need part-time virtual assistants who are both qualified and reliable do not always know where to turn to find them.

Virtual assistants may also be ideal for patients recovering from some kinds of brain injuries because these individuals sometimes have a hard time with social interaction.

The AI revolution (Cortana, Siri, and friends) have expanded the opportunities for mobility-impaired individuals because they are so easy to use and save so much time. That’s especially true for people with severe disabilities, such as blindness or paraplegia.

With some thoughtful planning and proper execution, you can make life much richer for both yourself and a mobility-impaired person in your life.

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