Donald Trump is a Genius

Updated on June 21, 2023

Don’t be fooled.  Although our former president is ignorant of our constitution and laws, doesn’t like to read, nor does he comprehend the potentially horrific ramifications of disclosing secret information, this guy seems to be the brightest when knowing how to work a crowd. 

For starters, his acid tongue is used to invoke the most wicked attacks against anyone who crosses him. You’d think that seasoned opponents would remember the Sticks and Stones adage, but sadly they are all easily intimidated by such immature taunts as Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Low Energy Jeb, or Lyin’ Ted.  It’s a childish yet powerful way to rally his base because there’s a method to his madness; he makes it perfectly clear that anyone who comes after him will have their own withering moniker attached to them as well – a skillful warning that silences his critics.

Consider his following achievements, none of which would be possible for anyone else:

How does he manage to denigrate his most ardent supporters by calling them disgusting or lazy, yet still they embrace him with almost a devotional loyalty?  

How does he get them to donate to his legal defense, especially when he once told them he’s a billionaire and doesn’t even need donations to his campaign?

How does he convince his supporters that he’s a successful businessman despite bankruptcies and lawsuits filed against him for unsavory business practices?

How does he retain Republican loyalty after asserting that John McCain is no hero because heroes don’t get caught?

How do those in the military back Trump’s open admiration of dictators like Putin or Kim Jong Un?

And can you think of anyone besides Trump who is able to turn an indictment and an ongoing series of legal threats into a campaign fundraising event?

The answer to all of these is that he is a master on how effectively he can foist his perceived slights into the minds of his supporters so that they too feel mistreated.

This guy understands that if he loses, he’ll still win because he will be able to once again foment violence and chaos with him in the eye of the storm.  Also, this savvy guy has most likely amassed a warehouse full of tactics to successfully overturn the next election that barely eluded him the last time.  

And if he wins? We will see the emergence of a dystopian America like nothing our country has seen before. He has already promised to dismantle the Justice Department and weaken the FBI, get his case thrown out, pardon all January 6 insurrectionists and likely himself as well.  Then he will go to town in getting even with all who vowed to hold him accountable.  How’s that kind of a plan for sheer diabolical brilliance? 

So hang on for the bumpy, uncertain ride ahead to 2024.  Like I said, Trump is a genius.

Jill Chapin
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