Diminish Or Eliminate Pain By Wearing Orthotics

Updated on August 12, 2020

Walking and standing may be something you didn’t put much thought into years ago, but as you get older, your body starts to morph and change in ways you couldn’t have anticipated. One of the ways that those changes occur is through your feet.

If you have been dealing with any type of foot issue that causes pain, such as overpronation, the answer may be found in well-made custom orthotics. Comfortable orthotics for foot conditions can be the difference between you getting through your day comfortably or struggling in pain throughout. Here are some key benefits associated with wearing quality orthotics.

Superior Foot Support

Even the most well-made shoe isn’t going to support your foot the way it requires necessarily. Feet are one of the most complex parts of the body with over 26 bones and more than 100 muscles each. This means that the variances in feet are common and exist in every foot. The right orthotic can be specially molded to the curves and angles of your foot. Even if you don’t want to opt for the custom options, many standard orthotics can provide you with premium support. You have three anatomical arches in your foot and making sure each one is properly supported is imperative to your overall health and mobility.

Tackle Pain Causes

Whether you opt for a generic orthotic or one that is specially crafted for your foot, you need something that will help to lessen the pressure and tension that your foot experiences throughout the day (in your arch, heel, etc.). Issues like arthritis pain in your feet can cause pain in not just your feet but your ankles, knees, hips, and even back.

 The feet are what ground you to the earth and support all of your weight while you are standing or walking. If they are not properly secured and anchored inside of your shoe, the inability to support and carry your weight will be shifted entirely, compromising your very body mechanics. This is often what causes the pain and discomfort you feel at varying moments.

Helps Pronation

When you have a fallen arch in the foot, it can be difficult to stand, walk or exercise the way that you used to. At the very least, over-pronation puts added and undue stress on your lower back, hips, and knees. These altered body mechanics cannot adequately support your center of gravity and the rest of the body; those with pronation issues may be subject to a higher risk of knee injuries while playing sports. In these instances, orthotic aids provide much-needed arch support and cushioning to propel strong physical mobility.

Helps Supination

When your feet have naturally high arches, sometimes that can cause the ankles to lean away from the midline of the body. This is referred to as supination (underpronation) and can be very uncomfortable and dishevelling. This type of foot issue impacts the rest of the body much like the presence of pronation. It puts extra stress on the knees, lower back and hips. This issue sometimes only exists in one foot which can throw off the balance of the body and further confound the situation. In the case of one foot having more issues than the other, custom orthotics are preferable as particular needs have to be met that require measurements and sizes to ensure proper fitting.

Suggested For Diabetics

Diabetes is an ever-expanding disease that is seen in the elderly community at alarming rates. Diabetes can often lead to issues with the feet, namely the presence of neuropathy which is classified as nerve damage. This can result in sensation loss which makes it difficult for the foot to correctly feel itself which may cause strain if it can’t navigate how to be appropriately used. Wearing orthotics can help to reduce this strain and provide necessary comfort and assistance to feet that are suffering from neuropathy.

No matter the type of pain you’re experiencing, the answer to what’s causing it may very well be your feet. Try orthotics to curb the issue.

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