Deciding on Drapery – A Guide to Choosing Curtains

Updated on June 12, 2023
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When it comes to curtains, we know what we like and we know what we don’t ike. There’s typically not much in between. But choosing a concept for our own homes? It can be a little daunting, to say the least.

So before you swallow back that disdain for your old curtains and tell yourself it’s not the right time to make a change, stop. It is time to make a change. Let’s start choosing the right curtains for your home with a foolproof guide to determining what exactly you want and need.

Pick the style of your curtain

Ok, first things first. What style of curtain do you think will be right for your home? Before you answer, do some research. There is more on the market than your standard one-size-fits all variety, with quality ready made curtains available to suit your every desire. You don’t even need to replace what you currently have, you can go off track and find something fresh and new for your window makeover. If you’re not sure just how many curtain varieties are out there, here is the lineup of the most popular styles on the market:

– Sheer curtains

– Eyelet curtains

– Pinch pleat curtains

– Pencil pleat curtains

– Decorative curtains

– Blockout curtains

– Two-tone curtains

When considering the right style, think about where they will be and how much that room needs light. Your study may need a different style to your living room, for example. Don’t be afraid to have a different collection of curtains under the same roof.

Pick the colour of your curtain

Now choosing the color of your curtains is where the real fun starts. Choosing your curtains comes with a lot of responsibility, but the power it can yield is also exciting. Don’t be shy to ask for samples from your curtain provider, as it’s incredibly valuable to hold these samples up to the wall, and get a sense of how that color will impact the space.

Neutral colors are always advisable, as they do not tend to date and give you the luxury of being as creative and bold as you like with your furniture and decor. You know you have chosen the right color for your curtains when you walk into the room and you can appreciate the lovely color, but it doesn’t dominate you or stand out first.

Look out for durability

I’m sure we have all fallen victim to buying something that we think looks great, only for your decor delights to fall apart as soon as we bring it home. Unfortunately this can be the same case with your curtains if you are not diligent with making sure they are quality and durable products. How can you spot the difference? Requesting a sample will give you a good indication of the quality you can expect, and so will finding out whether or not there is a warranty in place for all curtains sold. You can even opt to talk to the technician instead of the service staff, to really understand the process and materials used.

If your head it spinning, that’s ok. There are so many curtain options that will add stunning value to your home, but give some thought into which curtains those could be. It’s always a great idea to jump on Pinterest or find some Home life magazine, that way you can see what it will look like without making the commitment. If price is an issue, get in touch with a range of providers so you can collate your quotes and make the decision based on the price and offering.


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