Decadent Beef Cuts To Consider For Your Next Family Dinner

Updated on June 29, 2021

Planning a family dinner can be pretty exciting, although the endless recipe choices out there can make finding the perfect dish a bit challenging. For this reason, you should choose your preferred meat type to narrow down the options. Whether you are planning an elegant or casual thanksgiving dinner or an ordinary dinner event with your family, if you have chosen beef as the meat for the occasion, these are the best cuts to consider for your chosen dish.

Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak

Australian wagyu beef ribeye steak is an excellent cut of high-quality wagyu beef, making it perfect for an elegant family dinner. The best way to prepare this decadent beef cut is on high heat in a cast-iron pan or a stainless steel pan. There are tons of steak recipes to consider. Although because Australian wagyu steak offers unique flavors of its own, you should consider salting steak techniques and topping the steak with finely chopped fresh herbs. Most steak lovers would agree that steak generally needs less added flavorings, although you can consider various spice rubs.

Tenderloin Roast

There’s nothing quite like a homemade tenderloin beef roast. Tenderloin is also known as the eye fillet, and this cut is perfect for roasting with various dried herbs and spices. However, finding suitable recipes as roasting is a specific preparation technique, and roasting chicken requires different steps to roasting the perfectly succulent tenderloin beef cut. Seasoning is important. And it is just as essential to cover the roast in the oven with foil to ensure the meat is cooked through without overcooking the outside. 

Top Sirloin Grill

Grilling a top sirloin steak is an excellent idea for a more casual family gathering. It is also best to prepare this cut by marinading it and tenderizing the meat before covering it with plastic wrap and allowing the flavors to seep in for a few hours. It would be best if you only grilled this cut for a couple of minutes on each side on high heat. However, you can also prepare grilled cuts medium-rare or well-done. 

Topside Beef Strips Stirfry

Stirfry is a perfect choice for a family dinner, and the best beef cut to consider is topside beef that is sliced into strips before frying with suitable herbs and spices. There are tons of beef stirfry recipes out there, and once again, the technique of stirfrying is essential to avoid an oily dish. Your selection of vegetables should also be sliced finely according to the most popular recipe instructions. 

The Best Wine Pairings For Red Meat

When planning the perfect family dinner gathering, you might want to pair your red meat dish with a suitable wine. Different wines pair well with various meats, as seafood dishes generally pair well with fruity wines and white wines. On the other hand, red meat pairs well with red wines. You have the option of full-bodied or medium-bodied reds, cabernets, dry reds, and semi-sweet reds. 


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