Daily Challenges People with Hyperhidrosis Face

Updated on May 3, 2021

Sweating is a normal body process that helps in the excretion of body toxins and regulates temperature. However, when one suffers from hyperhidrosis, they will likely sweat excessively even when not engaging in strenuous activity or during normal weather. 

Sweating excessively, commonly known as hyperhidrosis, can be devastating for the people living with it. Not only is it distracting and embarrassing, but it makes you rethink everything: from the clothes you wear, the career you choose, the people you interact with, and the places you go. If nothing’s done, this condition can affect your mental and emotional health, as well as your social and professional lifestyle.

Let’s look at some of the common challenges people with hyperhidrosis have to contend with daily.

  1. Body Odor

Sweat and body odor go hand in hand. However, sweat in itself is odorless, but when it comes into contact with the bacteria on the skin surface, the process of its breakdown produces a foul odor. Most people resort to antiperspirant to minimize the smell, especially in the underarm, and it works magic.

However, if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, a regular antiperspirant may not work for you. Dermatologists, in most cases, recommend that you use a much stronger and clinically made aluminum chloride antiperspirant to reduce heavy sweating.

  1. Psychological Problems

People with excessive sweating have problems interacting with others and often avoid interaction altogether. Many of them report missing out on professional opportunities and even romantic relationships because of excessive sweating. 

With time this withdrawal impacts their psychological well being leading to mental problems such as depression. But it doesn’t have to be that way; talking to a dermatologist can help you find a way of managing the condition.

  1. Social Stigma

Nobody wants to touch another person’s body fluid, and most often, people view sweat as dirt. People living with hyperhidrosis can’t help being sweaty at all times, which leads to social stigma. However, most people with hyperhidrosis are just as keen to observe cleanliness as every other person or even better considering they are aware of their problem.

  1. Limitations In The Type Of Clothes To Wear

People with hyperhidrosis have limitations on the kind of clothes they wear. Black breathable cotton is the most common choice of material for people living with this condition – even in the summer heat – as it hides the sweat and helps at absorbing it. You do not want to wear a color that will show how damp your clothes are because of excessive sweating.

Limitations are not only in the clothes but in the shoes as well. The feet of people with hyperhidrosis can get very sweaty and slippery, necessitating shoes that are fabric lined. Additionally, absorbent summer shoe inserts can help reduce puddling inside the shoes.

  1. Skin Infections

Fungus and bacteria thrive in moist and warm conditions. People living with hyperhidrosis have damp skin at all times, which provides a good breeding ground for organisms that can cause skin infections. Some of the most common skin infections suffered by hyperhidrosis patients include warts, athlete’s foot, and jock itch. Most of these conditions are mild, and your dermatologist can help you in diagnosis and treatment.

Final Words

Overwhelming as hyperhidrosis seems, there are several things you can do to save yourself from the physical, mental, and emotional torture that comes with it. These include;

  • Changing your diet
  • Avoiding stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Wearing the right antiperspirant
  • Using a deodorant
  • Soaking up moisture with natural powder
  • Wet wipes also work the magic

On top of these, don’t be too embarrassed to seek help. A qualified dermatologist can help you keep the condition under control which can significantly improve your quality of life.


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