Croupiers of the future: Are robots the next in charge?

Updated on June 23, 2021

With the vast majority of business sectors and industries around the world continuing to try and find efficient and effective ways in which they are able to do more, robotic technology continues to be one of the main drivers in allowing them to do that.

Of course, new technology always continues to emerge and be introduced to the world in a rather quick fashion, thus making the latest pieces of technological kit seemingly out of date as soon as it appears to have been made available.

Robots are one such bit of technology that continues to be improved, with each of these devices having been used in factories to replace human workers to do various tasks, as well as in retail shops. However, will they be able to become the croupiers of the future at casinos? There is no reason as to why they can not.

Robot Croupiers could be the future

As casinos will always be looking to provide their customers with the very best experiences possible as they want them to continue to spend money with them on their games, a robot croupier could be the perfect way for them to be able to achieve that aim.

For instance, a robot croupier will never get tired, the mistakes that they make will be minimal compared to the potential human error that can naturally happen, whilst they will also be programmed to remain as pleasant and friendly, as well as professional, as possible to their customers at all times. These are things that humans can not always guarantee as emotions play a huge role at times.

Furthermore, a robot croupier could also have the technology to be able to identify whether a player is cheating at the table, whilst they will also likely be available the vast majority of the time as they would never require a day off or go absent through sickness.

In addition to being continually available, they will also be subsequently cheaper for casinos to have in operation than they would having human employees. The robots would not require any wages to be paid to do their jobs, which would then save the operator a fortune in costs, although there might be some way to go before that is actually a reality. 

The technology is not quite at the stage where it is accessible and widely available, but with the rate in which it continues to grow and new innovations become available, it would not be a surprise if it were to get more cost-effective in the very near future.

Disadvantages of using robot croupiers

Whilst there might be a number of great advantages available to casinos in the argument for using robot croupiers, it could also have a rather damaging impact on their business and the industry as a whole.

With so many online casinos available to play at, many potential customers may feel as though they need not worry about going to a physical establishment as the gameplay experience will essentially be the same if they were sat on one of their devices and playing live casino games online instead.

Furthermore, the loss of a human touch could be detrimental in a number of ways, as being able to interact with the dealer is a great social activity that some bettors like to engage in when they are playing their favourite card and table games. Speaking to a robot might not exactly provide them with the same experience, or one that makes much sense, either.

It could appeal to the younger generation of gamblers, but the older generation might be the bettors who have the bigger balances and if they do not like the change, they could then look to go elsewhere.

Robot Croupiers have been tested out already

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a handful of casinos have already trialled how a robot croupier would work, with casinos in Macau and the United States of America having each trialled a prototype called Min that was designed by Hong Kong tech firm, Paradise Entertainment, that was designed to deal cards.

With how things are going, robot croupiers look set to be the future, but the change might take some time for some to get used to.


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