Creative Ways To Remember Your Vacations

Updated on September 15, 2020
Creative Ways To Remember Your Vacations

Vacationing may be difficult during these current turbulent times, but you can always reflect on your favorite past vacations. Whether you were alone or with others on your vacations, finding creative ways to remember your vacations can be a fun activity that results in a finished project you can show the rest of your family members. These suggestions are good fun for reminiscing by yourself or with grandchildren and will keep your memories timeless while future generations tell your travel stories.


Sometimes a classic postvacation activity is the best way to keep your memories in one location while adding interesting quips or diary entries. Scrapbooking is an easy way to begin keeping memories and allows you to get creative while doing it. You can also spend time with family looking through all your vacation pictures, whether from a recent trip or one from the distant past. Don’t be afraid to add unique details to your scrapbook, like tidbits of location information, maps, or fun facts!

Archive Your Pictures on the Computer

It’s important for your memories to withstand the test of time, so storing precious memories on a computer or digital device is incredibly important in this modern age. Scan your images to your computer (or enlist the help of a tech-savvy family member), or even create a slideshow of your trip on a CD. There are also professional companies that can digitize your important memories for you without damaging them. With a digital slideshow or movie of your favorite vacations, it’s easy to send your memories through e-mail or social media.

Organize Your Vacation Photos by Trip

The creativity in how you organize your photos can add decoration to your home. Store your photos in decorative boxes. If you have a lot of different photos that are unorganized, make it a project to start sifting through them and placing them where they belong. Getting help from a loved one who will reminisce on your travels with you can make the process go faster. You can be creative with how the boxes look by writing, drawing, or even creating collages on them. Don’t forget to include the year of the trip.

The most creative ways to remember your vacations will always involve passing your favorite memories down to the ones you love the most and making new memories while you do it.

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