Countries that forbid slots gambling

Updated on March 5, 2021

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Many people around the world play slots frequently and enjoy gambling. It is a very popular activity in many countries. However not in all of them. In fact, some countries have made gambling illegal and those who place bets illegally or set up online casinos without permission can face severe punishments. Below you can read about a few countries where gambling is illegal.


• Singapore has banned all forms of online gambling under the Singapore Remote Gambling Act.

• In special circumstances it is possible to get an exemption granted by the government.

• The only gambling operators that have the exemption are the Singapore Turf Club and the Singapore Pools.

United Arab Emirates

• While all Islamic countries forbid gambling of any kind, the law in United Arab Emirates is stricter than anywhere else.

• All forms of gambling are persecuted and players can be imprisoned for up to two years under the Penal Code’s Article 414.

• The Internet is controlled by The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority that prevents access to online casinos.


• Cambodia has a history of struggling with gambling addiction amongst its citizens.

• In 1996 the government introduced the Suppression of Gambling Act that bans all forms of gambling.

• Different rules apply to foreigners who visit Cambodia. If you are a citizen of another state and you are visiting Cambodia, you are allowed to gamble. There are special casinos dedicated to tourists.


• Qatar is the country with the strictest rules.

• The government banned all forms of gambling including sports betting. Usually, sport betting is allowed even if other casino games are not.

• People in Qatar have started an underground gambling scene and often access foreign online casinos to oppose the ban. Nevertheless, anyone caught gambling will be severely punished.


• In Lebanon any form of gambling that is unauthorised by the government is illegal.

• The government can block online casinos and restrict access to them.

• Online gambling is allowed at a one designated online casino that is constantly supervised by the authorities.

• Gambling in land-based casinos is only allowed at one venue – Casino du Liban in Jounieh

• Citizens found a way around these laws and they often embark on cruises on so called casino ships that take them into international waters where they can gamble without breaking the law.


• In Japan all forms of gambling used to be prohibited but that changed a few years ago.

• Online gambling is illegal in Japan, but land-based casinos can operate in resorts if the premises have an entertainment area, an international conference hall and a hotel.

• Casino operators are subject to strict screening and many regulations.

• Certain sports betting activities are allowed.

North Korea

• Online gambling as well as gambling in land-based casinos are strictly forbidden to the citizens of North Korea.

• Tourists are allowed to gamble as long as they are on a guided tour.

• There is only one casino in the country, located in the capital Pyongyang.


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