Cosmetic surgery: Things to know beforehand to keep your nerves

Updated on May 14, 2019

Cosmetic surgery is all about improving your appearance. But the truth is it is not for everyone, and there are a lot of considerations before, during and after cosmetic surgery. There are questions that you need to ask your surgeon to find out about the procedure you are going for. However, the very first thing you need is an expert and professional service like the New Image Cosmetic Surgery Center

There are risks and limitations to a cosmetic surgery procedure, just like plastic surgery. Your procedure might turn out as a surgical or non-surgical depending on the requirement, but when you are considering cosmetic surgery, you should keep in mind the following considerations. 

The key factors to consider here,

Manage your expectations

Managing your expectations is the ultimate consideration here. You must seek to improve and not perfection. The cosmetic surgery procedure won’t turn you into a movie star, so don’t expect too much. You will be disappointed. 

The expense

Expense is a vital consideration since the health insurance plans don’t cover cosmetic surgeries. There are follow-up care and corrective procedures to consider. Thus, the cost can run into thousands of dollars. Ask about the cost details if you are not sure of before going for the procedure.

There are risks

Yes, there are risks, and the primary one is dissatisfaction. There are possible surgical complications as well which is a common denominator for any invasive procedure. 

There is a recovery period

You cannot walk off the surgery bd into super-stardom. Most likely there will be a mandated recovery period that can amount to weeks or months depending on the complication of the procedure. 

Find the qualified surgeon

The simple online search will list several cosmetic surgeons in your locality. However, you need to choose your specialist carefully and merit only those who specialize in the procedure you are going for. Also, make sure that the surgeon is a qualified professional recognized by the ABMS or the American Board of Medical Specialties. Your procedure might require you to go under, so you need to ask about the operating facility as well as the anesthesiologist. 

When you meet your surgeon

There are a few questions you need to ask regarding the scheduling of the procedure and the number of consultations required before and after the procedure. Share your medical history and any medications you are on. Ask your specialist the following questions.

  • Is surgery the only option or are there any other treatment options available?
  • Ask about before and after photos to get an idea of the expected results.
  • Are there multiple procedures required?
  • Ask about the surgical options.
  • Inquire in detail about the procedure, anesthesia, duration of hospitalization, permanency of the results. 
  • Ask about the possible complications and how they are dealt?
  • Inquire about the follow-up routine or consultations, if any.
  • Get all the details about the total cost of the procedure.

Search for your specialist and consult in detail before the procedure. If you and your surgeon work as a team, your procedure will go smoothly and successfully.


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