Cosmetic Dentistry is Soaring in Popularity Amongst Seniors, and Technology is Making it More Affordable

Updated on January 4, 2023

The world is changing quickly, and it is mainly being driven by new technology. Now more than ever, innovative technology is making its presence felt in the world of cosmetic dentistry. 

So, how do advancements in technology, alongside the increasing demand for the perfect smile impact the cosmetic dentistry industry? And what does this mean for seniors who are looking to improve their smile?

The Rise of Social Media

The impact of social media should not be understated. There are hundreds of millions of people who use social media on a daily (if not, hourly) basis, and an unending supply of photos and videos to watch that show people looking their best and living their ‘best life’. In reality, these photos are often a filtered, more perfect version of real life, but the impact is profound, and seniors aren’t immune to this either. 

In fact, a recent study indicates that  83% of those 50 to 64 own and use a smartphone regularly, and over 63% of people 65 and older own a smartphone. In short, easy access to social media is impacting everyone. 

What this adds up to is a society that has an increasing need and desire to look their best, which creates an increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry. 

Technology Increases Affordability and Access

Trends suggest that cosmetic dentistry is also becoming more affordable and more accessible to the masses, which is good news for everyone who wants cosmetic dental work but previously couldn’t afford it.  

Even though dental insurance may provide some coverage for routine cleanings and fillings, dental insurance often doesn’t cover cosmetic procedures that aren’t medically necessary. Although out-of-pocket expenses can be high for the average family (and even more so for seniors on a budget), technology is making it more affordable. 

For example, implant dentistry has changed significantly during the past few years, thanks to technology. Dental implants have become a popular treatment option for individuals who have one or more missing teeth, and dental implants offer a permanent treatment option that does not require a dietary change or extra maintenance. 

“Implants are becoming more and more the standard of treatment. They are the closest thing that mimics natural teeth. Technology is allowing us to have better access to materials, techniques, and procedures. We can complete procedures quicker and with greater precision,” explains Dr. William Fulcher, founder of My Dental, a dental office in Phoenix, AZ that specializes in providing both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry to patients in one affordable, convenient setting. 

Thanks to new technology, patients are in control of their treatment plans. They can review multiple options for dental implants, work with the dentist to find the best choice, and restore their smiles to their beautiful, original form, often at a much more affordable cost.

Cosmetic Dentistry Will Remain Popular and Accessible in 2023 and Beyond

Cosmetic dentists are in high demand, and this demand is likely to continue into 2023. With increasing access to innovative, affordable treatment options, and a growing demand for the perfect smile, seniors are primed to be the perfect candidates for cosmetic dentistry as the industry continues to evolve. 

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