Coping With COVID Anxiety- How Seniors Can Help Themselves

Updated on December 8, 2020
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Aging makes life stressful, as there are health conditions and lifestyle changes that you have to deal with. Isolation can make things only worse for seniors. Further, the pandemic has made things even more challenging as the elderly struggle amid the general fear of the virus and the feeling of loneliness. The anxiety and apprehension are widespread among seniors, whether living with families or in assisted living facilities. Thankfully, there are some coping strategies that you can rely on to restore normalcy and deal with the stress of the situation. Let us highlight these in detail. 

Focus on enhancing immunity 

The biggest fear for seniors right now is about staying safe from the virus, which is possible only if you follow the guidelines of social distancing, face-covering and hand hygiene. More importantly, work on building your immunity because a strong one can save you from getting. Add immunity-boosting foods in your daily diet and integrate exercise to stay strong. Your gut health and mental well-being also have a lot to do with immunity, so go the extra mile with them as well. 

Explore the benefits of telehealth

Apart from working on strengthening your immune system, it is vital to stay a step ahead of your health issues. Hospitals and medical facilities are burdened with COVID patients, and the last thing you would want now is to need admission because of your health problems.  A proactive approach can help, so stay in touch with your doctor and be regular with your checkups and treatment. Thankfully, you can explore the benefits of telehealth and connect with your specialist without stepping out. 

Prioritize natural therapies 

Stress and anxiety can be the biggest challenges for seniors, more so when you are isolated or even cooped indoors with your family. Depression and insomnia are equally widespread due to the pandemic. Steering clear of anxiety naturally should be your top priority. Meditation and mindfulness would help. Even better, you can seek therapies like medical marijuana for anxiety relief. Strains like sour dream are ideal for inducing mild euphoria and a general state of relaxation. The best part about this therapy is that it is safe and natural and prevents the side effects of antidepressants and sleeping pills. 

Continue socialization 

Another surefire strategy to avoid pandemic anxiety is by staying connected despite the requirements of social distancing. Technology lets you do it virtually, so you can learn using it to your advantage. Being active on social media is a great idea to stay connected and build new friendships. Scheduling regular video calls with your loved ones will keep you happy and relaxed, even when they are miles away.

Find a new routine

Doing something you enjoy is another way to stay relaxed and avoid anxiety. Since you have to stay indoors, you can find a new routine that includes the activities you enjoy. You can dedicate a part of the day to reading, listening to music, cooking or gardening. There are plenty of opportunities to explore something new with online courses. Learning a new skill will make you happy and confident, so don’t miss the chance.

Right now, seniors need to take one day at a time and also count their blessings. The crisis is big, but this too shall pass, so be patient and hang on! 


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