Common Sources of Home Property Damage

Updated on April 20, 2021
Common Sources of Home Property Damage

Property damage is the last thing that you want to deal with as a homeowner. It can make your house more dangerous to live in and will often require a lot of money and time to fix. For seniors, facing extensive damage is also more difficult since cleaning it up and fixing it is physically demanding. You can’t always control unfavorable circumstances, but by being aware of the common sources of home property damage, you can mitigate and fully circumvent many problems.


Wind may not seem that imposing, but it’s actually one of the leading causes of home damages. Stronger winds can send objects like outdoor decoration and furniture flying into the air. From there, they can collide with your home’s sides and roof, creating holes and gashes. If they hit windows or doors, they can also break through into your home’s interior. Winds are also responsible for uprooting trees, which may then crash into your house. To prevent wind-related destruction, you should clear out clutter from your yard and move furniture inside when powerful winds appear. Pruning your trees and shrubs will also make them less likely to turn into projectiles.


Water issues can arise from precipitation or from internal pipes. When left alone, water can deteriorate structural materials in your home, create slippery puddles, and lead to the growth of mold and mildew. You may find structural problems difficult and expensive to deal with. Furthermore, pooling water can put you in danger because of how serious falls are for seniors. Mold and mildew are never good because they reduce air quality. You can stop water issues by routinely checking your water-using appliances, such as your dishwasher and washing machine, and getting them repaired if you see signs of wear. Prevent rainwater damage by calling roofing professionals who can inspect your roof, repair it, and clear out your gutters. Although you can potentially do these things yourself, it’s much safer to have a specialized worker take care of them, as they’re less likely to slip and fall.


Thieves may target seniors’ homes because these criminals see seniors as easier targets. As they attempt to enter inside, they may break windows or doors, which is why theft is a common source of home property damage. If you guard your home well, however, you can reduce the chances that burglars will trespass on your property. Install motion-sensor lights and keep your shrubs and trees pruned to maximize visibility in your yard. This way, thieves won’t have anywhere to hide. Remember to lock your windows and doors at night and when you will be out as well. For extra security, you can get an alarm system that will send an audible sound out and simultaneously alert police if someone tries to break in. This can scare off intruders and avert any damages they might have caused if the system was not there.

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