5 Common Myths About Senior Assisted Living

Updated on March 11, 2022
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By Jefferey Morgan

Most families and the elderly find it hard to settle for senior assisted living due to several misconceptions. However, senior living communities and specifically designed to give individuals convenient access to companionship, empowerment, independence and assistance activities. Nursing homes have numerous benefits for both the seniors and the family members too. Although even with all the advantages, there are myths that surround these retirement communities that you should know about plus their truths.

1.    Lack of privacy and independence

Most people believe that seniors at retirement communities lack independence and privacy well this is not the case here. Most homes give seniors the freedom to choose the type of furniture they want in their apartments. Here, the senior gets to decide how their room should appear. Privacy is also not compromised since the senior locks their door and keep the keys to themselves. Although managers and caregivers are always hands-on to assist in providing activities and services for the seniors. They don’t manage their day at all, but rather the seniors get to choose what to do and when.

2.    Lack of appetizing meals

This is one of the myths that make it hard for families to agree to let their seniors go to a home. However, a senior assisted home understands the needs of a well-balanced and nutritious diet for the elderly. If you take a visit at any home, you will learn that the meals served based on the senior’s lifestyle to ensure a healthy round person.

3.    Homes are dull and depressing

Don’t just settle for the myths. Elderly homes ensure that your old man has the chance to keep their interests, hobbies, and dreams alive. Here elders build relationships, make new friends and have the ability to enjoy life to the maximum. Instead of feeling dull and depressed, they get a chance to engage in physical, creative, social and intellectual activities. Additionally, if the senior had interests in gardening and other cultural events, the fact that they are living in a nursing home does not mean they let go of their interests. This is because here, they get all the time to exercise their hobbies and advance their interests to the next level.

4.    Homes are lonely with no sufficient attendance

Elderly homes are the only places where seniors build a social life. They spent most of their time in activities that encourage team building and social connections. Elders make new friends every day, and they are on a constant move from time to time. There are lots of events that occupy the entire day for the seniors and therefore giving them no time to think or feel lonely. Additionally, the home management is always there assisting the elderly with almost every responsibility to ensure that their stay is hustle free and enjoyable.

5.    The homes are expensive

Cost is always the most important aspect that we all consider before making any investment plan. Thinking that the homes are expensive, however, depends on where you consider retiring. It’s true there are lots of costs to incur in the process. In the long run, having elders retire in a home such as stroke rehab homes makes financial sense since you will cut down on your normal expenditure cost by simply having them in the homes. You will not have to pay for the mortgage and other upkeep expenses like when you are away from a home care facility. 

Putting into consideration all the costs of visiting your family to get various privileges and assistance also hikes the price of living alone and away from a nursing home. However, in an assisted living facility, you only pay one time and all the things you want including the several trips for different holiday destinations are inclusive. 

There are so much more myths that you will hear about various homes. Some may be true while others are very misleading. Nevertheless, the best way to know about the place and whether or not the myths are true is by paying them a visit. Learn firsthand information about the nursing home and make your assumption based on what you know. 


As age catches up, you don’t really have to be alone and face the changes of life alone. You can enhance the quality of life you want with the help of an elderly assisted living option.

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8 thoughts on “5 Common Myths About Senior Assisted Living”

  1. My wife is looking to put her dad into assisted living but wasn’t quite comfortable with the idea. I really like that you address how senior homes aren’t dull and depressing but can be fun and social! She was worried about him being bored, but this seems like it isn’t the case. I’ll have to pass this on to her to put her worries to rest. Thanks for the help!

  2. I’m going to be moving my parents into an assisted living center. It’s good to know that the lack of privacy is just a myth! It’s important for them to know that they’ll have all the privacy that they will need.

  3. I like that you mentioned how many assisted living centers have great nutritious and delicious meals for their tenants. One thing you can do is try some of the meals before you make a decision on a center. I’m sure facilities would be willing to do this.

  4. Thanks for discussing the activities available in senior living apartments. I’ve been looking for an assisted living home for my mother and I’ve been worried about how lonely she might be. It’s good to know there are homes with social activities. I’ll definitely look for homes that have activities.

  5. I think what you said about elderly homes being the best places for seniors to make friends is interesting. My mother has decided that my childhood home is too large for her to manage on her own now that my dad has died, but she doesn’t want to go to an assisted living place. Maybe a good compromise would be a senior independent living community. That way she could have a smaller house and still make friends.

  6. Thanks for the great tips for going to assisted living. My mom has been worried about it, but I’ll show her the truths of the myths she’s heard. She’ll be glad to hear that there are some delicious meals for her to enjoy!

  7. Thanks for this info. We are thinking of sending our grandpa to a home. We are now looking up at some nursing home to help us out.

  8. Personally, I think my grandmother would benefit a lot from assisted living. It is nice to know that if she were to go into this living arrangement that they would be providing her with meals that keep her healthy and well-balanced. This is really important to both me and my family.

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