Circumstances When You Might Need Financial Advice

Updated on July 15, 2021

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In Brisbane most of us always think we can comfortably handle our own financial decisions without any expert help. As time goes by, our goals, careers, and lives expand then we start doubting if we are really making the right financial moves.

It often takes major life-changing events such as divorce, death, family illness or marriages to prompt us to seek financial advice from the financial advisors in Brisbane.

It’s always a good idea to seek financial advice earlier to have robust financial strategies in place in case of significant life events.

Below are some of the top reasons why people turn to financial advisors for professional financial advice.

1.  When starting a family

With all the joy and expectations that come with starting a family, having kids undoubtedly marks significant changes in the parent’s finances. With the rising cost of living, high unemployment and other things, starting a family can be one hell of a task.

Based on the recent report from online parenting BabyCenter, the cost of raising a child is at a staggering $230,000 for the first 18 years alone without including inflation or college tuition fee.

Raising a family involves; regularly buying new clothes, laundry detergents, hiring babysitters, and many other things.

To juggle all this comfortably, you need to have a solid grip on your finances. Financial advisors can effortlessly walk you through your finances and offer advice on how to control and keep track of all your cash inflows and outflows,

Financial advice helps you in setting your budget limits on how much you can spend on a mortgage payment, food, rent, entertainment, healthcare, childcare, etc. without breaking your bank account while also keeping a closer eye on your financial goals.

2.  When you’re selling or buying a house

Financial advisors are not only tasked at helping people plan for their retirements or balance their finances but also assist their customers in buying and selling homes. 

Buying a house is a sound financial investment you will ever make in your life since it holds the most significant financial burden on you throughout your working life.

Getting the right property that meets your needs and preferences, securing the right mortgage, service it on a monthly basis or choosing the proper payment method can be a nightmare for many homeowners who find little or no time to maneuver.

That’s where a financial expert comes in; they help you find properties within your economic bracket, create a financial plan for you to ensure that you can comfortably afford to pay off your park of choice, and also give you advice on how to manage your mortgage in case your current status changes.

If you are selling your house, they can be of help in finding the right client for you. Additionally, they can also give you ideas on how to use the proceeds acquired from your property sale. To read more on financial advice when buying or selling a house click here.

3.  When getting a divorce or remarrying

Having control over your finances is never simple, but getting a divorce can even make it far more complicated. It not only causes an emotional storm in a person’s life but also causes financial upheaval.

By seeking advice from a professional financial advisor, you can be assured of possibly the best financial outcome and completely avoid damaging your credit score during this trying moment.

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Additionally, you will need them to give you advice on how to tackle the administrative work such as removal of your spouse’s name from credit cards, employers records, and bank accounts, disinheriting your spouse from your medical directives, trust, will, and living will, changing your pension beneficiaries and life insurance policies, etc.

Having financial advice during divorce helps you with ideas on how to carry forward with your business goals despite the absence of your spouse.

Remarriage is undoubtedly a joyful occasion for both spouses but still raises questions on how to best integrate your financial lives.  Would you like to leave an inheritance for children from the previous union?  Is there any way your marriage might affect your social security benefits?

These are some of the questions a knowledgeable financial advisor can walk you through with your new spouse while also helping you achieve your financial dream.

To read reviews on things to consider when children are involved during divorce follow the link below.

4.     When you receive an inheritance

When you suddenly accumulate assets or cash, you will always think of where to invest or how to spend it. It’s not news learning of a people blowing off all their inheritance immediately they have it without making any serious investment.

Having financial advice from financial experts can help you on how to invest your inheritance and walk you through ways of securing your personal financial goals.

5.    When facing retirement

As you approach your retirement, it’s vital to have expert advice on how to cope financially in your next phase of life.

Before your retirement, it’s essential to get expert answers and advice on questions such as; what investments should you make now so as not to outlive your money? Is it worth investing in bitcoin (you can always check ranking portfeli kryptowalut to learn more). When is the right time to reclaim your social security benefits? How will you be able to comfortably fund any unexpected events such as medical costs without crippling your bank account? 

Having financial advice from expert’s can help you look beyond your current needs and help you built a stable financial future.


It does not matter what stage in life you are in, but involving a financial advisor into your economic growth can help you achieve your financial goal thus securing your future and that of your family.

It’s normal to here family members fighting for an inheritance the moment their loved ones depart; I don’t think you would like that to happen to your family. Involve a financial advisor into your life now and avoid such problems in the future.


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