CBD for Anxiety and Depression Management in Older Adults

Updated on May 24, 2021
Enjoy Weed Safely And Responsibly

You have probably been in a stressing situation. Maybe it was exams time while you didn’t feel that you were well prepared. Well, such cases don’t last, and before you know it, it has passed. While such stress doesn’t significantly affect your life, repeated exposure to the substantial stressing situation could lead to chronic anxiety and depression.

As we age, significant situations such as injuries, chronic ailments, and loss of loved ones, to mention a few, cause stress that worsens our mental conditioning. The situation gets worse since older adults, especially without sufficient support, associate stress, and anxiety as a part of the aging process. With the effective measure, however, such as quality CBD products from reliable and reputable vendors like Vsavi, you can help your loved ones to manage anxiety and depression better.

CBD is derived from marijuana or hemp, but unlike what you could initially think, it doesn’t cause the “high” associated with weed. You may have seen it first-hand or in a movie where different people smoke marijuana and portray varying effects, either calm and relaxed or overly anxious, as they are hunted by stressing hallucinations. These reactions are as a result of the variance in marijuana components. Higher THC levels, the psychoactive compound, create the worrying reactions while higher CBD levels create a calm and collected feeling. With its numerous health benefits, here is how CBD helps in anxiety and depression management in older adults.

Hippocampal neurogenesis

Hippocampus is the brain region responsible for memory and cognition. With its contribution, including emotions, motivation, and memory, in depressed or anxiety sufferers, the area tends to be smaller. This is why most depressed people act irrationally in specific conditions. As studies show, repeated CBD administration triggers the regeneration of neurons in the hippocampus, improving its functionality hence better anxiety and depression management.

Improved sleep quality

Sleep is vital not only in helping the body to repair from all the wear and tear experienced during the day but also to give your body the much-needed relaxation. Without enough sleep, even if you aren’t depressed, you can hardly navigate through activities of daily living. You feel fatigued, are easily startled, quickly irritated, and react irrationally. Coupled with stress and anxiety that can quickly lead to insomnia, an older adult is only a few moments away from suffering from depression or even worse, chronic depression. CBD comes in handy at such instances, facilitating quality sleep as it creates a calm feeling allowing you to relax and enjoy enough sleep.

Pain management

Pain is among the significant stressing factors. Unfortunately, as we age, we are more susceptible to injuries, not to mention varying ailments that could mean an older adult is on constant pain and medication.

Vitagenne CBD pain cream is known to alleviate pain, ease muscle tension, not forgetting its anti-inflammatory properties. With lesser pain, older adults can enjoy a better life, including productive social lives, as they can move and socialize well.

Taking care of your older adult can, at times, be overwhelming. As you search for the best anxiety and depression management techniques, CBD makes for an ideal option. With lesser side effects, ease of administration, and readily available from licensed vendors, you can comfortably help your loved ones to live a long, active, and happy life.


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