Care Packages for Nursing Home Residents

Updated on June 3, 2015

shutterstock_49514230It’s fun to receive an unexpected gift! And it’s a nice way to show people you love them. Send a care package to bring a smiles to the faces of a nursing home residents. Here a few ideas that will help brighten their day:

Gift Cards to Their Favorite Restaurants

Treat them to an evening out to enjoy their favorite foods at the restaurant of their choice. Assemble a basket with various restaurant gift cards. You can do a mixture of fine dining or even more casual restaurants, and include a take-out menu so they can have the option to stay in and enjoy their favorite food.

A Photo Album of Favorite Memories

Having a chance to revisit old memories and relive treasured moments of the past can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Assemble a photo book highlighting special moments. They can take this photo album from their bookshelf and flip through the pages to reminisce.

Make it a Movie Night

Movies are a great way to relax and enjoy a leisurely night at home. Assemble a care package to include a few classic movies, a tub of popcorn, candy or another special treat and gift card to a pizza place (for during or after the flick.)

A Safety Care Package

You definitely want them to feel safe and help them plan for emergencies in case you are not easily accessible. Assemble a few essentials, like a flashlight, a charged emergency cell phone, a portable weather radio and a fire extinguisher. Also, purchase a medical alert system like Life Alert so that they can push a button in case they fall or are facing an emergency.

Flowers and Chocolate

Flowers are a great way to show your appreciation. Older people particularly love a care package that includes a bouquet. There are several options that are available from FTD, where gift givers can pair their flowers with chocolate-covered strawberries, balloons or a stuffed animal. They can enjoy the flowers days after you give them this gift!

Spa Package

For the older women who still love manicures and pedicures, include a gift card to their favorite nail salon. Pair this gift card with a bathrobe, lotions, shampoos, a pair of slippers and a new comb or brush.

Upgrade Their Comforter

If you know people who may spend more time than most resting in bed, why not upgrade their sheets, pillowcases or comforters to help with comfort and style? This is a gift that will not only make them feel more comfortable, but also add a new update to their place.

Pay for Their Subscriptions

For a few months, let your elderly loved ones know that their magazines, TV and cable subscriptions that they enjoy are taken care of. Practical and considerate, you can also add a new surprise subscription you know they will like.

Care packages are a welcome surprise. Make certain you assemble the right one for the elderly person in your life.


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