Boost Your Fashion Sense with the Amazing Felt Hats for Men

Updated on January 13, 2022

In the 19th Century, a new hat style was introduced that took the world by storm after being wildly popular among African Americans. This hat is made from felt, a synthetic material woven into hats. It is typically seen in two sizes; small and large, called “saddle” and “stoke,” respectively. These hats come from specially woven pieces of felt crafted in specific ways that give them their unique look and texture. Most felt hats are made with synthetic fibers, so they are water-resistant and keep their shape even when wet. But the most popular style is made out of wool and can be seen in various types.

Since its introduction in the 19th Century, it has become a popular fashion trend for men to wear these hats. Many different styles of these hats have been created within the last Century, from fedoras to trilbys. The design of the shape is relatively straightforward, but how it is worn could be unique. Some common ways a man can wear this hat include a chef-style where it comes down low over one’s eyes, or a gat style when the hat comes down around one’s ears to about the cheekbones. Felt hats are fully wearable as they are water-resistant and can keep their shape. This means that you will be able to wear it in a wide variety of styles by wearing one.

Different Types of Felt Hats and their Wearing Styles

Felt hats come in various varieties depending on the design, pattern, and way of wearing. There are some specific ways of wearing some hats. Every hat has its unique style and place in a fashion that can complement an outfit or give it some character. 

  • Trilby

This ubiquitous hat was worn in the early 20th Century after it became popular among the lower class. Aristocrat men in Western countries have adopted it to wear. The beginning of its popularity began when a man named John Batterson Stetson wore one for an entire year straight. He wore it wherever he went, even to church and events with the president at the time, Rutherford B. Hayes. It was not considered a fashionable type of hat until Theodore Roosevelt wore one.

  • Fedora

Fedora is a more modern mens felt hat that men have been wearing since the early 20th Century, where it was first made famous by the bandleader in a live concert. It first started as a hat with an upturned brim that would cover most of its wearer’s face. Later on, it would become more stylish where it could be worn with hair slicked back or in a pompadour style. It has evolved into many different types, such as Panama, pork pie, and the fedora. 

  • Derby

This hat features high crowns like a fedora but still has a straight brim. The most common colors of these hats are black, tan, or brown. The projection is typically straight and always comes down to cover only the sides of the wearer’s face. This hat is worn in many different ways, such as a flat-brimmed one where it covers most of the wearer’s face, or it could be a turned-up brim covering only half of it.

  • Panama

Trilby hat is the typical and most famous style in the slouch. It is similar to a fedora, worn by those who want something different from a fedora but don’t want to wear the pointed hats often associated with gangsters and musicians. It is also perfect for those who want a more formal look than a fedora ever could provide. This type of hat can be worn in a few different styles.

How Can a Right Hat Represent Your Style?

Finding the correct type of hat for your style is not an easy task if you are unsure what you like. The way that a hat is worn can significantly influence how it looks. To wear a hat properly and make it look good, you need to find a style that complements your personality. There are different styles of hats depending on how they are made, what kind of material they are made from and what type of style they have. Find the hat from that suits the look you want best so everyone will notice the excellent fashion statement that you have made. 

Men’s felt hats are taken more seriously than fedoras because they are more formal and sophisticated. A good hat suits your face shape, personality, clothing, and style. A man wearing one is making a fashion statement and a statement on his personality and class. As seen throughout history, these hats have been worn by many men with great personalities and look good on most faces. Everyone has worn Felt hats, from traditional men to hippies who are into alternative clothing but still want to stand out from the rest. People wear felt hats with style, and even if they don’t like wearing them, they will love them nonetheless. 


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