Bold Home Decorating Ideas To Try

Updated on March 15, 2021
Bold Home Decorating Ideas To Try

As a senior, you may be getting tired of looking at the same decorations in your home after so many years. Or you might be moving to a smaller home since all your children are out of the house. Either of these situations can be perfect opportunities to revamp your interior décor style. We provide some bold home decorating ideas to try that’ll spark your imagination.

Paint One Room Feature

A singular color change in a room can transform its atmosphere entirely. That’s why painting one feature in a bright or unique color is one bold home decorating idea you should try. If you already have some small, colorful décor pieces, you could choose to match those hues. On the other hand, if most of your pieces are black, white, gray, brown, or beige, you could select a completely new color. As for what to paint, some common options include kitchen cabinets, walls, and wooden chairs or drawers. The larger the surface you coat, the more impactful your vivid color will be.

Hang up Unconventional Items

Everyone hangs up pictures, prints, and paintings on their walls. Our eyes come to expect these things, and they can blend into the background. For a change that’ll spice up a room, you could instead put up unconventional items that reflect your interests. For instance, if you like to play music, you could hang up guitars as display pieces. Lightweight potted plants, plates, and hats also work well on a wall. These items are three-dimensional, so they’ll feel different than the usual flat images that occupy vertical spaces.

Use Eye-Catching Wallpaper

One way to make a room instantly stand out is to install some eye-catching wallpaper. Unlike paint, wallpaper allows you to fill walls with designer patterns that are highly intricate and bursting with character. You can find wallpapers that feature animals, flowers, simple and abstract shapes, buildings, landscapes, and more. To keep your room from becoming too busy, limit your furniture and accessories. You can also incorporate bold wallpaper patterns in your home successfully by using them only in smaller rooms where they won’t overpower everything else.