Best Thermogenic Fat Burner Reviews 2020

Updated on July 23, 2020

Have you been following your regular workout routine and balanced diet without seeing any visible difference in your body weight? If it’s a yes, then it could be due to a number of underlying factors. 

So, you need to look beyond traditional weight loss methods to get the desired results.

A thermogenic fat burner can serve as an adjunct to your weight loss efforts. It can help you achieve results in a quick time. These fat burners produce heat within the body, which helps in burning excess calories.

Wondering what is the best thermogenic fat burner for you among all the overwhelming choice of options available in the market? Read on further to find out the answer in the review below.

Best Thermogenic Fat Burner

#1. PhenQ

Brand Overview

Over the years, Wolfson Berg Laboratories Limited has been the frontrunner in the arena of dietary supplements. It presents PhenQ as a safe option to minimize excess body fat for people of all age groups.

PhenQ is one of the latest supplements to minimize or reduce body weight. It comes in the form of pills in bottles and involves natural ingredients. As such, you can bank on this supplement to work without any side effects.

Moreover, it complies with the safety standards of the FDA for manufacturing weight loss pills in laboratories. This further indicates that it is a safe option for weight loss.

One of the highlights of PhenQ is that it consists of five ingredients that are considered the best to facilitate weight loss and show up quick results. If you have been sweating it out at a gym and following the best diet for weight loss without any success, adding PhenQ to your scheme of things can make a big difference to your body weight.

Though results are likely to vary from one individual to the other, most users who have used this product have seen results within a month.

It is a unisex product, meaning that you can use it regardless of your gender. Other than lending a helping hand in burning accumulated fat in the body, it also benefits a user in several other ways. 

For instance, it controls hunger and blocks the production of fat. These processes are essential for shedding the extra pounds of body weight within a short duration of time.

The recommended dosage stands as one pill per day. However, you need to use it uninterrupted for at least a month with the right diet and a proper workout schedule to see the results.


● Capsimax Powder

● Chromium Picolinate

● L-Carnitine Fumarate

● Nopal

● Caffeine

Customer Reviews

Taiylah P, aged 21, is indebted to PhenQ for reducing 44 lbs of body weight within three months. According to her, most people thought it was an incredible feat. However, she managed to pull it off by pairing a PhenQ supplement with the right diet and a workout routine.

According to Ghislain R, aged 31, he tried to minimize his body weight based on changes to lifestyle and several diet plans. None of these options could help him meet his weight loss goals until he started using PhenQ. The supplement helped him bring his body back in shape.


● Burns body fat naturally

● Improves the state of mind

● Helps build muscle mass

● Removes sleep disorder

● Cost-effective


● One needs to use the product for at least a month to see the results

#2. Instant Knockout

Brand Overview

Instant Knockout is a one-of-the-kind fat burning supplement that is manufactured by a Road Ambition Ltd., which is located at Leeds in the United Kingdom. According to the manufacturer, the pills comply with the FDA-standards and involves a unique formulation. It is due to this formulation that it is considered to be the best bet for weight loss for both men and women.

When the supplement first appeared in the market, it was tailor-made for MMA fighters and other athletes. However, the current version of the supplement is ideal for both men and women. As much as it is meant for attaining weight loss goals, it plays an equally important role in upgrading one’s looks with the best body.

Getting rid of the belly fat and the accumulation of fats in thighs and other parts of the body is a challenging prospect for both men and women. Who doesn’t love a well-shaped body? Everyone dreams of getting a body with flat abs. However, only a few people succeed in achieving this feat. 

If even after back-breaking sessions at a gym or sacrificing your favorite foods, you haven’t been able to bring the shape of the body back on track, then Instant Knock out is for you. By using this product, you can start seeing the visible changes within a few weeks.

The manufacturers of this product are of the view that every individual, whether a man or a woman, deserves to look their best in their best attire. A body that is out of shape may not let this happen. If you wish of wearing your favorite dress but couldn’t do it due to a bigger waist or a tummy, this product will help you accomplish the goal with finesse.

The recommended dosage for pills is four pills per day.

It works by boosting the metabolism of the body. With an elevated level of metabolism, your body starts to burn fat more effectively. The supplement works in the same way for both men and women. Depending on your gender, the product automatically adjusts with the functioning of the body. All you need to do is choose the right product.

Moreover, it is safe as it involves all the natural ingredients and is manufactured as per FDA regulations. Thus, you can invest in the product with the knowledge that will cut down your body fat without harming the body.

Last but not least, the manufacturer promises to send a refund to its clients in case it fails to deliver the promised results. It recommends that you use the product at least for 90 days, as results vary depending on the response of the body to the supplement.

However, you can request a refund from the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with the outcomes even after using the product for 90 days. It is imperative that you follow the right dosage and everything else, as stated by the manufacturer, in the course of using the supplement.


● Green Tea Extract

● Cayenne Pepper Seeds

● Glucomannan

● Caffeine Anhydrous

● Vitamin B6

● Vitamin B12

● GTF Chromium

● Zinc

● Piperine

● Green Coffee Bean

Customer Reviews

Katie from the UK started wrestling with weight gain issues during her second pregnancy. She tried everything, but nothing worked to help her in controlling her body weight. Then she ordered the product based on the recommendation of her partner. She started seeing the results after using the product. Having attained her fitness goals, she thanks Instant Knockout and her decision to order the product.

Dan Mack from the UK was a bit skeptical while ordering the Instant Knockout as he had lost his faith in weight loss products after trying out everything. However, he started seeing the results from day one. The product started making a difference to his craving for food. He continued taking the pills as per the recommended dosage and finally attained all his fitness goals in the course of time. He is thankful to Instant Knockout for achieving his desirable weight loss results.


● Suitable for both men and women

● Comes with a composition involving natural ingredients

● Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee


● Expensive

● Consists of caffeine

● Involves gelatin and so it is not recommended for those who follow a veg diet

● May cause side-effects such as drowsiness, headaches, and irritability

#3. Phen 24

Brand Overview

The metabolism of the body plays an important role in determining how you burn calories. Some people do not seem to get any result despite eating clean and doing regular exercise. 

While the results are likely to vary, other underlying factors such as poor metabolic rate can be at play if you do not see any visible results even after a long time. If you belong to the group of these individuals, then Phen 24 can make a big difference in your weight loss results.

To address the problem of poor metabolism in the body, you need a supplement that can help you restore the normal level of metabolism. Phen 24 can do it perfectly for you.

However, as is the case with most thermogenic fat burners, you need to embrace a disciplined lifestyle. This should be followed by a proper diet, regular exercise, and meditation.

The supplement comes with two different kinds of pills: one for day and the other one for night. The name of the former is Phen24 Day, and the name of the latter is Phen24 Night.

As far as taking the supplement is concerned, you need to take the pills in the morning and night. You can take the pill with your breakfast in the morning. At night, you need to take the supplement just 15 minutes prior to taking your evening meal. 

If you are worried about your sleep at night, then you can put all your worries at bay with the knowledge that it will not obstruct your normal sleep pattern. The primary reason for it is that it does not consist of any stimulant.


● Zinc

● Manganese

● Copper

● Iodine

● Caffeine

● Guarana Extract

● L-Phenylalanine

● Cayenne Powder

Customer Reviews

According to Patricia Hernandez, Phen 24 gave her the result she had expected. It delivered her the real-time results that the other supplements available in the market failed to deliver. She enjoys doing her workouts more than ever before due to the elevated level of energy, which is the result of using Phen24.

Jacqueline Boyd started seeing visible results in her performance in the morning after using Phen24. She started taking it in the morning, and it helped her in getting up early in the morning. Impressed with the results, she feels like buying the supplement all over again for continuous use.


● Involves vitamins

● Improves alertness, focus, and mental health

● Boosts the energy levels in the body


● Consists of heavy stimulants in the daytime formula

● May lead to negative side-effects

How was this list of fat burning supplements compiled?

The aforementioned list of the best thermogenic fat burners is based on the following:

● Opinions of industry experts and those who are well acquainted with the use of fat burners

● User reviews from various credible sources of information, including Facebook, Reddit, and other search sources

● Information on the manufacturer’s website as well as the data available from the other credible blogs

● Data relating to the practical testing of products

Thus, you can rest assured that the information linked to the aforementioned list of products as well as the data relating to the products are authentic.

These supplements have made it to the list as these products act naturally on the root causes that are responsible for the accumulation of body fat and the resulting increase in the body weight.

A Guide to buying the best fat burner supplement: things you need to consider

The overwhelming options for fat burning supplements can easily present the problem of choice to you. 

For making an informed choice, you may want to consider several factors. These include the ingredients of a supplement, its effectiveness, and of course, its cost.

However, there are also some additional factors to which you need to pay attention while looking for the best product. Bearing in mind the following parameters will help you out to identify the best thermogenic fat burner with finesse:

●    Ingredients: Most buyers focus on the ingredients of supplements while making their purchase decision for a reason. Natural ingredients are considered to be safe and above side effects, whereas chemicals are notorious for triggering undesirable effects in the body. Substances such as L-Tyrosine, 5-HTP, Forskolin, caffeine, green tea extract, and others in a weight loss supplement are known to deliver quick results.

●    Type: One of the reasons for which supplements produce distinct results for different individuals is the response of the latter to the former. As for the choice of supplements, they may range from thermogenic fat burners to cortisol blockers. You would be better off choosing a product that helps you attain your fitness goals without side effects. 

●    Formula: Some supplements are based on a single ingredient, whereas others may involve the combination of extracts and other substances. The formula of a supplement has a bearing on how it works to help you achieve your fitness goals. So, make sure you evaluate the choice of a supplement vis-a-vis your weight loss and fitness goals.

●    Form: Most fat burners come across in the form of pills, powders, or teas. You can pick an option depending on whichever suits you the most. Most users go for pills as they can be taken easily with water. If you prefer tea or powder, instead, you can decide otherwise.

●    Label: If you have been keen on using FDA-approved products, you have been doing the right thing. Also, it is best to use products from reputed brands. This way, you can avoid buying a product that may be either harmful to the body or may not deliver the expected results.

●    Price: Fat burners are available in distinct price ranges. On average, the price of a fat burner ranges between $10 and $70 for a single bottle. Depending on your budget, you can choose an alternative that appears to be the best for meeting all your needs.

How fat burners minimize body weight

The composition of a fat burner plays a key role in the manner in which it functions. Some fat burning supplements use stimulants, whereas others act in a different way to produce weight loss outcomes.

Most fat burners necessitate it on the part of individuals to perform workouts. Following an intense workout session, you are likely to feel tired and less energetic. Stimulant-based fat burners help you overcome exhaustion due to intense physical activities.

Carb cutting supplements target carbohydrates in the body. These supplements help attain weight loss goals by cutting down the presence of carbs in the body. They enhance the level of metabolism of carbs in the body to prevent their accumulation in the body.

Fat blockers and the supplements targeting the regulation of hormones also lend a helping hand in accomplishing the weight loss objectives of individuals in distinct ways. While the former cuts down the deposition of fat in the body, the latter works by regulating hormones in the body.

Most people consider fat burners to be the magical cure for getting rid of obesity and excess body weight. However, the truth is practically different from what it looks like on the surface.

No two fat burners act in the same way. Both its effect and effectiveness may vary from one individual to the other. Whilst it is true that fat burners enhance weight loss by making some positive changes to the functioning of the body, a lot depends on an individual’s effort.

You may choose to go for any supplement that you think is safe for use. But you will not see the results until you make some changes to your lifestyle and follow a proper diet.

Who should think about using fat burning supplements?

Despite taking care of their diet and workout routine, some individuals may not get the expected results. 

While some individuals may take time to cope with workouts and show the results, some of them may not notice any major change to their body weight despite adhering to a workout routine and the best diet plan.

Such people need to look beyond traditional weight loss methods that involve exercise and dieting. Taking a fat burning supplement can help overcome the shortcomings.

It can happen due to a number of factors. These include hormonal imbalance, stress, sleeplessness, and poor metabolism. To deal with these issues, your body needs something extra. Taking a supplement will help you address this problem.

Fat burning supplements are useful for both men and women alike—however, the bodies of both work in different ways. So, a fat burning supplement, which is for men, may not be effective for women and vice-versa.

Also, you will benefit more by choosing a supplement based on the type of body you have. This is your best bet for choosing the ideal option to address the needs of your body.

How to extract maximum benefits from fat burning supplements

While supplements are tailor-made to achieve specific weight loss objectives, the onus is on a user to ensure that they adopt the right lifestyle.

An important thing to remember on the part of a user is that fat burning supplements work effectively when one adopts the right lifestyle choices. This includes the inclusion of a workout routine and the right diet. Along with it, you need proper sleep to aid digestion.

Strange as it may sound; those who get proper sleep often tend to remain content with just a few calories. If you have weight loss goals, then this can help you attain them with faster results.

Additionally, it is also imperative that you focus on the following aspects:

● Both your diet and medical condition will be important from the standpoint of taking a supplement. So, you would be better off consulting both a qualified dietician and a doctor. While the former will suggest you the right diet for your weight loss goals, the latter will let you know about its feasibility based on your current health condition.

● Try working out a routine and follow it to the T. Whether it is about your diet or workout plan, consistency will be the key to your success in accomplishing weight loss objectives; the more consistent and persistent you are, the better.

● It will be important on your part to keep your diet well balanced with all the essential nutrients. You can do it by including some useful foods that are low on sugar and carbs but high on protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. Keep an eye on the calories consumed by your body. While you shouldn’t say no to taking foods whenever you are hungry, it will also be important to avoid binge eating.

● The maximum number of calories that you can take in a day is 1200. Of course, it is an ideal calorie count if you want to be successful in getting rid of the excess body fat. However, it is not easy to get to this calorie count straight away. It will be much easier for you to get to this level slowly and steadily than jumping into it straight away.

● Physical activity is important to improve metabolism in a weight loss program. If you haven’t done a high-intensity workout before, you would be better off getting started with a low-intensity workout. You may decide to increase the pace and intensity of your workouts as your body gets used to the exercise schedule.

Above all, your strong motivation will be the ultimate force that will guide you through to the destination in your weight loss program. 

You might find it a little tricky to follow all the aforementioned steps at the initial stages. But things will fall in place for you gradually if you adhere to your diet plan and workout schedule.

Are fat burners above side effects?

It is a pertinent question, and if you are seeking an answer to it, you are not alone; others are also looking for the same.

When you take something that alters the mass of your body, it is bound to influence the body in both positive and negative ways. So, on your part, it makes sense to toss both sides of the coin to make an informed purchase decision.

Coming back to the question, there is no straightforward answer to it. You need to take the ingredients and certain other factors into consideration to find out if a fat burner is safe for you.

One of the best ways to keep side effects at bay is to choose a supplement that is based on natural ingredients. Usually, the ones involving chemicals influence the body with detrimental effects in some way or the other.

Along with the ingredients, you also need to take into account the condition of your body. Fat burning supplements are above medical conditions and the use of medications or drugs.

These supplements are a strict no-no for you if you have heart, liver, or kidney issues. The same holds true if you have problems in any of the internal organs in the body. Also, using fat burning supplements is not safe for nursing or pregnant women.

If you experience any negative effect in the course of using these supplements, see a doctor at the earliest. Prompt medical attention will save you the hassle of wrestling the after-effects of fat burning supplements at the subsequent stages.

Conclusion: should you Buy fat burners?

Though a pertinent question, the decision regarding it lies at your discretion. If you do regular exercise and eat the right foods, then adding a fat burning supplement will help you overcome the problem of excess body weight. Adopting the right lifestyle if the key to achieve desired results while using a thermogenic fat burner. If you are okay with it, then a thermogenic fat burner is the right choice.


1. Will a fat burning supplement work for me if I’m not able to follow a workout routine due to a busy schedule?

The shortest possible answer to this question is “no.” Most people tend to think of fat burning supplements as a magical cure to weight loss. However, the truth is diagonally opposite to it. Weight loss is a collective process that depends on several factors. These include following a proper diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep. Fat burning pills work only when you treat it as an adjunct to a disciplined lifestyle characterized by these factors.

2. Is it safe to take fat burning supplements for a lifetime?

As far as the safety of taking weight loss supplements, including the ones that are meant for burning stored fat, is concerned, it depends on their composition. If a supplement is primarily made of natural ingredients, the possibility of it triggering a negative effect or a side effect is very less. On the other hand, supplements involving chemicals may induce negative effects. 

With that said, it is a good idea to do away with supplements as soon as you attain your weight loss or fitness goals. Regardless of how safe a supplement looks in terms of its composition, it is not recommended to take a supplement for more than six months.

3. Why do ingredients differ across brands?

One of the possible reasons for the difference in the composition of the weight loss pills from distinct brands is due to the difference in the manner in which they work. Some companies rely on the traditional formula of using natural ingredients. By the same token, there are also brands that rely on a proprietary formula for manufacturing weight loss pills. Given that different fat burning supplements for weight loss pills work in distinct ways, it is a good idea to learn about the safety of using them before finalizing your decision.

4. How do I know about the dosage of my fat burning supplement?

In the age of the internet, you can get relevant information about weight loss supplements from numerous websites. However, it is recommended that you go by the information given on the manufacturer’s website.

Better yet, you can also consider going through the dosage-related instructions given on the package. It is recommended that you go by the instructions on the package as they are authentic compared to what you see on the internet.

Some fat burning supplements are not recommended for people who use prescription-based medications. If you have been taking medications for a specific condition, you would be better off seeing your doctor about using a fat burning supplement before using it. This way, you can prevent the possibility of developing any complications later.