Best States To Spend Your Retirement Years

Updated on June 3, 2022
Best States To Spend Your Retirement Years

Retirement is a unique experience for everyone. Maybe your retirement dream is boating over crystal blue waters, or perhaps it’s exploring the outdoors or going to museums and live concerts.

Regardless of your vision of retirement, you can find the perfect place to bring your dream to life. Here’s a list of the best states to spend your retirement years.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire offers financial advantages, an excellent environment for your health and well-being, and low crime and poverty. When retiring, finances play a key role in determining where someone decides to spend their retirement. 

New Hampshire has no state income tax, no sales tax, no tax on social security, no taxes on retirement withdrawals, and no taxes on private and public pension incomes. There’s also a longer life expectancy, a low risk of social isolation for retirees, and numerous healthcare facilities for seniors. 

South Dakota

Retiring in South Dakota is excellent for those who want to explore the outdoors and find welcoming communities. Retirees will get more bang for their buck if they move to South Dakota because the state’s cost of living is below the national average, and it provides affordable premium health care services.

While living in South Dakota, you’ll experience all four seasons, from chilly falls to snowy winters to blooming springs and hot summers. You can do outdoor activities for all seasons, and it will never get old!


Warm weather, rich historical culture, delicious food, and charming small towns—Alabama has it all. There’s a lot for those who want to retire and have a simple life. Alabama also has financial advantages due to its low cost of living. Although there’s an income tax, it’s the lowest in the country, and social security benefits don’t get taxed. 

Furthermore, Alabama offers unique museums, landmarks, and activities for retirees to visit and stay busy. Explore the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville to explore the history of space travel. Or relax at the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge and go animal-watching.


Oh, Florida. It’s the home of retirees and a state so sweet that you’ll never want to leave. The Sunshine State has always been a popular choice for those seeking a new home after retirement. You can visit the beautiful beaches, immerse yourself in the colorful culture, and experience financial benefits. What else could you ask for? 

Because Florida has such a large retiree population, retirees can join local senior communities. Moving to a community exclusively for adults 55 and older can help you create friendships. 

Retiring is exciting! You can live life freely and explore places you’ve never been before. If you’re thinking about moving, reference this list of the best states to spend your retirement years to choose your next destination. 

Before packing your boxes and shipping them to your new home, you should always ensure that you’ve saved enough money and have a stable financial security plan. If not, that’s okay! Continue to put money toward your retirement fund and wait until it’s an ideal time for you.

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