Best Sports for Seniors to Play

Updated on September 29, 2020

As the years pass, many people slowly stop exercising because of their increased physical limitations. However, staying active is important for people of any age so that they maintain good physical and mental health. There are numerous activities you can do to work your heart and muscles. We define some of the best sports for seniors to play—pick one up today.


If you enjoy getting outside and want an activity a bit more exciting than walking, consider taking up cycling. Compared to running, cycling won’t put your bones and joints under excessive strain, as the pedaling movement doesn’t involve striking your feet on the ground. You can strengthen your cardiovascular fitness by riding a bicycle, and it can also give you a practical advantage as a source of transportation. Instead of taking the car to the nearby store or work, you can cycle to exercise and save money.


Swimming is great because the water acts as a cushion for your weight and minimizes the impact of movements on your joints. It also builds up the muscles all over your body, and it improves your cardiovascular endurance. Depending on the weather outside, you can choose to swim outside in the fresh air or indoors at a recreational pool during colder months, making this sport versatile all year.


Due to its methodical structure, golf is suited to those who want to engage their minds and their bodies. You can strategize your next move while you walk for extended periods of time. Golf swings also activate muscles in the legs, core, and arms, so you’ll get a workout in all those areas. Since the sport places emphasis on refining the form of swings, there’s always room to grow. You can work to improve your golf game to become more accurate and control how much power you put behind strokes, which can bring you enjoyment as you work toward your goals. Golf is also a game best played with multiple competitors, so it also presents an avenue to socialize with others, further adding to its benefits.

Active Lifestyle for Older Adults

Bowling, ping-pong, and badminton are worthwhile options too. Older adults can try remedies that target muscle and joint pain and support recovery after the physical activity. 

What’s important is for older adults to check with their doctors first to ensure it’s safe for them to perform sports for their health and fitness.


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