Best Ideas For Functional Constructions In Your Yard

Updated on December 17, 2014
backyard storage
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By Melisssa Stevens

You have furnished your house,  and decorated it to the very last detail the way you wanted, and it reflects your personality. It is absolutely perfect!. Yes, now you do spend more time inside, but behind your house, in the garden, is where you will love spending a lot of your time during nice days. That is why at one point you will want to decorate it so that it matches the beautiful interior and your needs.

But when you look at it in greater detail, you realize that the space is limited, and you are not going to have enough room for everything you wish to have. Also, you have to think about your budget. That is why you should consider putting some of useful constructions in your backyard, and here we have a list of several functions they can serve. Best thing about all of them is that they are all environmentally friendly!


Like every backyard, yours too will need to have a space to put all of the tools and other things that you do not use that often. Building a shed out of brick or concrete might take a while, cost you a lot of money and you are probably going to have some problems with workers that you hire. However, some kind of storage needs to be made, so that your tools would not lie around the yard making you look like a hoarder. The easiest and cheapest thing to set up a simple construction out of pallet wood, that will not take up too much space, but just enough to cover the tools that you want to put away. Best thing is that it’s not so hard for building, and you can do it yourself.

Garage and Workshop

If you have a car that you do not want to keep out in the open, you will have to build a garage. However, you might encounter same problems as with building a storage room – expensive and difficult to build without professional help. Excellent solution is reusing shipping container. It is easy to setup and portable and you can store your equipment in them. It is also a perfect way to protect the car from natural elements like rain and snow. The same kind of construction you can use if you wish to have your own little workshop. Or you can get container large enough for both garage and workshop, and set up only one construction in your yard. This is a perfect solution for artists and craftsmen as they can separate themselves from everything and create in peace.

Greenhouse Garden

You have heard a lot of stories about new ways of cultivating fruit and vegetables, and that there are more risks that come with eating them than vitamins. The best thing to do is have your own little garden in the backyard and grow them yourself, so that you know exactly what you are eating. There are some interesting solutions if you wish to make your own backyard fruit and vegetable garden. You can build a construction out of old windows and doors that you changed on your house long ago. It will protect it from natural elements, and it will also be a cute little vintage house, rarely seen these days. Or you can make greenhouse garden boxes, they cover small area of your backyard and are very practical!


When the spring comes, you will want to spend more time outside, drinking morning coffee, cold juices and having breakfast. A gazebo is a challenging project, especially if you wish to make it out of wood, but once you are finished you will see it was definitely worth it. If you decide to make it yourself, be sure that you approach the project patiently and carefully, and stick to the old one “measure twice, cut once”. As wood is natural material, these gazebos blend in its surrounding perfectly, especially if you decide to decorate them with flowers. There are lots of free gazebo plans online that you can use, and you can make them out of salvaged wood.


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