Best Home Exercise Equipment for People Over 50

Updated on December 15, 2022
Best Home Exercise Equipment for People Over 50

The best home exercise equipment helps you achieve your personal fitness goals. You want a workout that improves and maintains your physical health at every age. To get that workout, furnish your personal gym with the best home exercise equipment for people over 50.

Stall Bars

Add stall bars in your home gym for an apparatus that supports you in a variety of exercises that enhance strength, mobility, and flexibility. While gymnasts often use stall bars for strength training, it’s a versatile device that can support all fitness levels.

One alternative way to use stall bars at home is in low-impact Pilates exercises. Combining Pilates with stall bars is an excellent way to improve your body’s alignment, relieving complications from poor posture.

Stall bars look like a ladder that’s freestanding or affixed to a wall. This means that, unlike a lot of other versatile workout equipment, stall bars don’t take up much space in your home.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Many people have stationary bikes in their home gym. But one of the best pieces of home exercise equipment for people over 50 is a recumbent exercise bike. This device is best if you want a low-impact leg workout that puts less stress on your knees and hip joints.

When you use a recumbent bike, you’ll sit on a full seat rather than a saddle-style bike seat. The seat reduces strain on your back and glutes. The recumbent bike is also lower to the ground compared to upright stationary bikes.

Rowing Machine

Need equipment for a total-body workout? Use a rowing machine to simulate the actions of moving a rowboat. This low-impact exercise targets muscle groups in your legs and upper body, including your calves, glutes, pecs, and abdominal muscles.

You control the pace and movements of your rowing machine workout. And you can adjust the machine for your fitness level. Using a rowing machine can offset how aging naturally makes muscles smaller or weaker. And building muscle strength will help you maintain a balanced body, minimizing unnecessary strain and relieving pains.

Stall bars, a recumbent exercise bike, and a rowing machine are excellent to have in your home gym. Talk to your doctor about whether these devices and exercises are right for you.