Be Careful What You Wish For


By Sue Rice

These words have been spoken by many who are older, maybe a little wiser, and who hope to spare the pain they know another’s actions will bring.

People know there is something different about our country. They just cannot put their finger on what is happening.  Most are not aware what is happening is not by chance.

The movement towards socialism is being presented as a way to update and modernize our economy and our nation and provide equal and fair treatment for all.  People see all the free stuff being promised – college, food, guaranteed income, childcare – and they do not realize it is not just the wealthy who will pay for all that stuff. Everyone’s taxes will be greatly increased. Losing money will not be the worst pain we will have to endure, though. Talk to anyone who has come to the USA from a country that has traveled this path.

It is also not by chance our freedoms are being taken away – freedoms like free speech (Hate speech will silence those who will not comply with those who have gained control).  Gun ownership (you can keep your handguns but not your rifles). Religion (because it does not support hedonism and destruction of the family unit), and healthcare choices.

Lawlessness, confusion, chaos, discrediting the American Constitution, American culture, presentation of the Founding Fathers as selfish aristocrats with no concern for the common man; schools discouraging the teaching of American History, doing away with all loyalty oaths, using violence and insurrection to legitimize special-interest groups who use force to solve economic, political, or social problems, transferring powers of arrest from the police to social agencies.  It is all happening right before our eyes.  

The only way to contain the spread of this movement and/or stop it is to consider very carefully any candidate who is running for office in any election. We can no longer afford to be casual about our right to vote. Those who are headed down a wrong path must not be allowed to take those of us who love this country down that path with them.


Sue Rice is a senior who enjoys writing, hiking and teaching ESL. She has been published in Guideposts, Linguorian, GRAND, and other publications. 


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