New Retirement Plan: Baby Boomers Seeking Flexible Work Environment

Updated on March 26, 2017

KimBassettBy Kim Bassett

Oh the times they are a changing. As Boomers begin to age out of the traditional workforce, Millennials are moving up the lines to take their place in leadership positions. An interesting trend is beginning to emerge. The previously more traditional work-a-holic Boomer that scoffed at the idea of flexible hours and workplaces are now looking to cash in on that very benefit. Luckily the Millennials have been long fighting (with Boomers) for this work environment and much headway has been made. Keeping Baby Boomers in the workforce longer benefits Millennial leaders too as they can continue to learn from their predecessors. Overall, it’s a win-win scenario.

Even though Baby Boomers are looking to adopt a more non-traditional life-style that affords them more flexible hours as they go into “semi-retirement,” they may experience a few growing pains during this transition.

Here are a few tips for Baby Boomers as they adjust to this new work/life balance:

  1. Typically Boomers seek more workplace structure than most Millennials. Boomers should look to create a structure that works for them based on their Millennial boss’ expectations. In most cases Millennials will not create that structure for Boomers.
  2. Establish a regular checks and balances meeting with the boss. Boomers may feel a bit like they are managing their Millennial boss, but many times they don’t care what process the Boomer goes through to achieve a result as long as it is achieved. 
  3. Get comfortable with technology. This doesn’t mean that Boomers have to suddenly become savvy at all things computer-related. Simply find out what the job requires and learn it frontward and backward. If it is a work-from-home scenario, it will like be email, Internet and some form of online meeting program such as GoToMeeting.

Once Boomers have adjusted to this new semi-retired lifestyle, they will experience the best of both worlds – enjoying a career in moderation and grandkids and/or extracurricular activities they never had time for before.

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