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Updated on December 3, 2023

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You are one of a kind. No one else has your physical characteristics or unique personality. And no one ever will. No matter how many souls are born into a human form, no one will ever equal you. You are special, and it was intended that way. By being who you are, you can contribute your unique attributes to fill a need in the world. It’s all part of a universal grand plan to become whole. Everyone was born with a purpose.

Humans are the only living creature on earth that has a self-concept, an idea of who they are. How accurately your self-concept reflects who you really are, determines to a great measure, how successful you become in reaching your full potential. Many, even most people never reach their full human potential, because they don’t see themselves in a realistic light. They limit themselves by the way they think.

Indeed, your self-concept impacts how you deal with reality in general. Your self-image needs to be congruent with your inborn strengths and limitations in order to maximize the use of your abilities. Suppose you have natural abilities in persuasion and communication. A number of occupational fields to use those talents would be teaching, sales, politics, a CEO in the business world or a general of an Army. However, if your self-concept is telling you are not a capable person, it could undermine your chances to apply those talents to the benefit the world at large.

You Hold The Keys to a New You

The key is to align the authentic you with your innate capabilities. If you undervalue yourself, you are depriving yourself and those around you who could benefit from the sphere of your abilities. You are not fulfilling your purpose for being. Have you ever thought you could have done better in a specific situation? If you have then you didn’t measure up . You fell short of realizing your potential. The way to bring out more of your potential is through introspection.

Do a self analysis. No one knows you better than the person in your shoes. Make it a habit to examine your thought processes. Start a conversation with yourself. Do not make judgments. Do not condemn what you are thinking or how you feel. Accept your thought and actions in a non-judgmental way. You must always remember your divinity. In a sense you are basically perfect just as you are. God doesn’t make mistakes. At the same time, however, you are evolving toward a greater version of yourself. That’s why you are here.

Examine your core beliefs. They form your attitude. Your beliefs are a filter through which experiences become reality. Strongly held beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies. To that extent, you create your own reality. You become what you believe. Reality is more malleable than you might think. Think of this … Every physical thing on our planet (organic or inorganic) is made of atoms, molecules and sub-atomic particles. Yet the world we live in is 99.9% empty space.

What gives all matter the appearance of solidarity is the speed with which atoms and sub atomic particles vibrate. The faster they vibrate, the more solid the matter. Iron atoms vibrate faster than wood atoms, therefore iron’s appearance and actual make up is rock-hard and not penetrated by a wood axe.

Your Thoughts Can Change Your Future

Your thought have the power and energy to move inanimate objects. They are the driving force to what you become. If you want to change your life, you must change your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Self understanding is paramount. Your view of yourself was formed early in your life. They are shaped by experience, environment, heredity and significant others. Regardless of the origins, personal attitudes, whether positive or negative, can be changed. You have the power of the Universe supporting you. The Universe wants you to succeed in whatever you choose. If you make the commitment to become the best version of yourself, doors will open because you are synchronized with all that is. Call it God, the supreme reality or the creator of the Universe, it’s the magnificent quest for oneness with all living things.

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