Are online dating sites safe for seniors?

Updated on October 3, 2019

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be tomorrow.

– William Shakespeare

Through the ages, emotions, dating, love all evolves and unfolds to a great extent. In ancient times, a love processed through one-sided liking, many awkward meetings and then finally, if it was going to happen, then mutual agreement took place. Across peculiar and rapid development, we are facing a time where everything occurs in an instant and as a result, online dating appears and moulds into a shape where anyone and everyone can partake in. Because of its facile availability, it attracts different modes of treachery and felony. Though this is an area where the younger generation flourishes with distinction yet senior people grows a sturdy attachment in recent years. As a corollary, many and disparate genres of dating sites have been popped up onto the canvas. If you explore severely and scrutinize every angle, you can realize that dating sites are actually more suitable to senior citizens as in this age you cannot agile like you did earlier, you can’t seem to meet enough potent people as they remained in a marriage or in a long-term relationship and not so funnily, you tend to be out of practice for an extended period of time. And consequently, elderlies are involving in dating sites more and more.

Online dating safety tips for Seniors

However, dating sites are becoming more popular by days, still, it concerns in some ways. To avoid, you should always beware of any traps and murkiness. To get a match with someone’s profile, you should remember that you’re interacting or chatting with a stranger. Not everyone should have prominent intentions on these platforms. You have to be on the edge at every moment and proactive to any miscommunications and irregular behaviour

Another concerned guidance should be to use paid sites as it entices a smaller group of imposters. Also, you must do a detailed background check via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Do not present yourself with all the details upfront. You must slowly make progress.

Also, make sure to meet your matched profile once or twice on Skype or any of that kind of video calling platform to ensure your safety and avoid any suspicions. When you’re going to meet for the first time in person, you need to choose a public place as a large number of people should be present there to notice if any mishap takes place. Also, you should take precautions by informing family members or one of your closed ones before meeting outside of the digital world.

To protect yourself from any negative blows, you can also rely on technology for seniors and its different inventions. Using the technology, one can ensure a certain level of safety protocols which cover assured uncertain areas like communication, whereabouts, health along with many others. Apart from technology, you need to be street-smart about your proceedings like you should be scrupulous and elaborate in choosing about the dating sites as some are not well-formed and you just know it by the formation and look of it. You should research their blogs, forums, chatting patterns primarily and only after that you should put your time and money into it.

A dating website from Australia RSVP claim that elderlies above 50 reserves 22% of the membership and most of them is 91 years of age. Another 2011 worldwide survey conveys that 37% of 60 plus people have met their significant ones through online, which was conducted over 25000 married ones.

To conclude, older citizens are ever-growing in this particular arena and they are growing by huge numbers. So, dig in, find your soulmate in the act of senior dating and be ready to have a ball.


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